Hu Yiying, A Distinguished Chinese Huqin Player Chen Xiao, A Heart-wrenching Masterpiece in Unusual

June 04 17:49 2021

Lyrical Arabic melodies with yearnings have blown in the wind of the vast west Asia over millennia but remained mysterious and brilliant in the hustle and bustle of the era. Surrounding areas are disintegrated by wars and broken families are everywhere. By contrast, Chinese Jing Erhu in the east Asia is little known but has lasted for hundreds of years and witnessed ups and downs. Cutting loose from the strong and resonant sound formerly known, it bursts forth with ample timbre and low-pitched tones. It is introduced to the desert hinterlands of the west Asia to heal broken hearts and relieve fears and sorrows. Chen Xiao is the innovative modern music embodying an encounter across ages and national boundaries, with diverse cultures integrated.

This piece of music is a fusion of time and space. The audience is instantly immersed in the context of war and strife as soon as the music starts. Playing the music style in Middle East with Jing Erhu, the principal instrument of Peking Opera, the quintessence of Chinese culture, is an unprecedented breakthrough and a cross-cultural innovation. The crash between different national backgrounds and musical styles brings distinctive artistic experience to the audience. The destruction of countries, the struggle and inward sadness of people, and the ruthlessness of wars are presented through the ensemble by Jing Erhu and bass Huqin. The contemplation about lives, emotions, and desire is thereby triggered.

Professor Hu Yiying, the composer of Chen Xiao, is a well-known Huqin player of China Oriental Performing Arts Group, a performing artist and an educator of modern China. She learned Erhu under the guidance of her father at the age of five, and learned after Min Huifen, a famous Huqin player, Jiang Qing, a Huqin player and an educator, Professor Liu Mingyuan, the “Bowstring Master of China”, and Professor An Ruli, a Huqin player, in the China Conservatory of Music after she grew up. Huqin art is as important as her life and is a lifelong goal. She travels all over the world to seek for exotic musical elements and explores the spiritual destination and the meaning of life in the splendid music world. In her opinion, art and music can bridge nations and hearts. Overwhelmed by the compassion for people who live in pain and depression due to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for years running, she knows that the help from others is weak, but the power of love is infinite. Therefore, she turns love into notes and melodies, looking forward to inspiring and comforting them and comforting.

With this belief in mind, Hu and her team finally gave birth to the magnificent music after months of painstaking efforts were put into. “Good music can rival the sound of nature. It is not created by man, but by divine inspiration and wisdom”, Hu said. Chen Xiao is such a gift pure in nature. Explorations and attempts are also made in terms of playing skills. It is created based on the rich artistic expertise, bringing horizontal and vertical challenges to a great number of players. It is the perfect combination of elements that produces such a refreshing and rare masterpiece.

Although Hu has devoted countless efforts to the work, she believes it belongs not so much to her as to those who struggle in the war. She is an artist with noble spirit to yearn to bring love and hope to war-torn areas and appeal for love and peace by music. A charity campaign is underway, the proceeds of which will be donated to innocent refugees. People there will be aware that they are concerned about. Hu serves as a messenger of music and is dedicated to touching more tender hearts, uniting the destiny of mankind, and filling the world with love and peace.

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