The price increase of paper packaging materials

June 07 11:08 2021

The price increase of paper packaging materials “hit” the wine industry: one price a day, printing needs to line up.

Recently, the price of paper nationwide has risen all the way! According to WBO’s understanding, price increases have been transmitted to the wine industry.

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Best Manufacturer for packaging box custom

Supply exceeds demand, and paper prices continue to rise

According to a report from China News on January 5, less than 10 days after some paper companies issued the first wave of price increases on December 7, 2020, paper companies in Shaanxi, Hebei, Shanxi, Jiangxi, Zhejiang and other places successively released the second wave. The price increase letter generally “raise 200 yuan/ton.” Since then, Guangxi paper companies have also announced price increases.

Why does the price of paper increase? According to media analysis, the main reason is that the price of raw material pulp has increased, leading to increased papermaking costs. China’s wood pulp import dependence is above 60%. China’s imports in the first 11 months of 2020 will drop by 1.44%. In November, the volume of global wood pulp shipments to China will drop by 9.6%. The overall supply is tight.

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Wine box manufacturer

It is also understood that the prices of packaging paper such as box paper and white board paper are also rising.

Double-digit increase, longer printing time.

Some wine merchants called the packaging materials “one price per day”

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Supply packaging gift paper box

According to WBO’s investigation, the price increase of paper has been transmitted to the wine industry. Yu Hongjie, general manager of International Trade Co., Ltd., introduced to WBO: Now materials such as paper bags and paper packaging boxes can be described as one price per day, which changes every day. When SmartFortune compare December and August, these materials have risen by 20%. The reason given by the supplier is the price increase of raw materials.

San Cameto Wine Group Co., Ltd. also encountered the problem of rising packaging materials and paper. According to a person in charge of the company’s procurement to WBO, the increase in carton packaging is around 12%-15%. Not only cartons, but also wooden boxes are currently on the rise.

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Bian Wenxu, head of the purchasing department of Ningxia Xige Winery, also said that the price of packaging materials has increased drastically. He said: Now the prices of gift boxes and cartons are all rising, because the price of raw materials such as white cardboard has increased by 30% since the end of October, which is a large increase. Not only that, due to the increase in orders at the end of the year, the production cycle of packaging materials has also become relatively longer.

Guo Haibing, general manager of Shandong Smart International Business Consulting Co., Ltd., also pointed out: Compared with June, the price of various paper packaging has increased by 15%. The reason is that domestic production is stopped and the export of the country of origin is restricted, mainly related to packaging gift Boxes and paper gift bags.

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customized packaging factory

The above-mentioned Sagameto’s purchaser also pointed out: In addition to cartons and wooden boxes, the price of paper used for printing is also different every week. Every time a supplier quotes, they will tell SmartFortune that the price of paper has increased again. Since everyone is rushing for time, printing now also needs to queue up.

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