Bass the Beast is a Christian Rapper, Producer, Cancer Survivor and CEO Making the World a Better Place One Song at a Time

June 07 21:15 2021
Bass the Beast

Today all over the world, millions of people are going through or have gone through some forms of trauma that made them questioned the purpose of their very existence in this world. Unfortunately, in most of these cases, we either do not trust find anybody willing to help us, or we are too scared to trust anybody enough to allow them to help us. This has only contributed to the increase in the number of tragedies all over the world. In many cases, to find some respites from these challenges, many people turn to drugs and alcohol which later ruined them and create even bigger problems for them. In some extreme cases, some people have gone on to take their own lives.

But what if there is a better solution to finding respites to our problems other than drugs, alcohol, and suicide? What if there is someone (himself a cancer survivor) who has found the best non-harmful respite?

Sounds great right? Yes, because it is great and yes, someone has. In music!

Juan Francisco Lopez III was born March 7th, 1993, and is now known as Bass The Beast. Bass The Beast Is a Christian Rapper, Christian Reggaeton Artist, DJ, Author Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Composer, Musical Journalist, Activist, Graphic Design Artist, Music Video Director, Music Video Editor, CEO, Owner, and Founder of Bass The Beast LLC. Bass The Beast found God after hitting rock bottom. God has gifted him with an astonishing amount of talent and continues to bless him for praising Him with his music.

At the moment, Bass The Beast plans to make this world a better place and fight for those who have been oppressed, sick, impoverished, and lost. He was himself once a sinner lost on the streets of New York before he became close to God.

Bass The Beast is also a cancer survivor (leukemia) and makes music to inspire the world including those battling cancer.

He is fond of saying, “Every Saint has a past and every sinner has a future. Only God Can Judge Me. I plan on using my gift to make the world a better place.”

Bass The Beast is currently climbing up the ladder in the music industry with over 180,000 fans across different platforms.

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