Knoxville Real Estate Professionals Featured in Forbes

June 07 22:50 2021
Knoxville Real Estate Professionals Featured in Forbes
Knoxville Real Estate Professionals is on a mission to help their clients to achieve the dream of homeownership one family at a time. This goal has pushed the real estate agency to do more for the members of their community as well as clients who wish to relocate to Knoxville, TN. In light of the meritorious realty solutions offered by the agency, Knoxville Real Estate Professionals is proud to be featured in Forbes.

Knoxville, TN – In the feature article, Forbes detailed how the real-estate-agent-couple at Knoxville Real Estate Professionals were able to relocate a family with special requirements easily and without hassle. The clients, at the beginning of their search, highlighted two special requirements, plentiful medical specialists and no risk of hurricanes. These special demands were due to the health condition of one of the couples and the threat of a hurricane on the couple’s old home located 30 miles off the Gulf of Mexico in Lake Charles.

Looking for a great place to retire, the couple set out on a search for places that offered low taxes and reasonable living costs, mild weather, and a lively cultural scene. The Forbes article detailed: “The couple investigated Nashville, Austin, Tex., and Asheville, N.C. As part of their online research, they came across a Facebook group touting the eastern Tennessee city of Knoxville. Scenic and far from hurricane paths, Knoxville is home to the University of Tennessee and its medical school, which translates into lots of doctors, restaurants, and entertainment.”

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Jon and Dawn Powell, talented real estate agents, noted that housing prices in Knoxville were considerably low and the state was on the verge of ending its remaining state income tax on dividends and interest. These made the area a great fit for the couples who sought out a place to retire.

Knoxville Real Estate Professionals took on the challenge of finding the right property for the retiring and relocating couple despite the pandemic. In line with the mission of a realtor in Knoxville TN, dozens of potential homes were scouted during the search. The clients, while describing their experience during the two 1,600-mile (roundtrip) road trips, said: “We just kept putting on and taking off masks.”

Knoxville Real Estate Professionals successfully relocated the family in November after they had closed on a one-story building located on the outskirts of Knoxville, TN.

The Forbes article is another testament to the Knoxville TN real estate professionals’ zeal towards achieving its mission. Knoxville Real Estate Professionals not only addresses the needs of buyers, but the realtors also leverage their resources to help homeowners willing to sell their properties. 

Knoxville Real Estate Professionals is located at 800 S. GAY STREET, Knoxville, TN 37929, US. The professional real estate agents can be reached via phone at (865) 766-4090 or visit the agency’s website for additional information.

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