Standing Desk Obsession Highlights Why Standing Desks Make WFH Employees 46% More Productive

June 07 23:54 2021
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Making one small change in people’s work routine can add about 50 percent to their daily productivity? Odds are most will be slightly unconvinced, if not completely doubtful of the claim. Well, it appears that in a recent study, call center employees’ productivity increased by 46 percent after sit-stand desks were introduced to the team.

Standing desks have been around for a few years now, going back to their Silicon Valley days and catching on quickly across the country. It has become so much a part of the business mainstream that over the past six years, employer adoption has increased by 30 percent.

The benefits are clearly to an organization’s advantage given the numerous positive psychological and physical aspects contributing to the overall increase in productivity.

A Brain Power Boost

Circulation is stimulated when standing, sending oxygen and nutrients to the brain. When sitting for extended periods, circulation is inhibited and will begin to negatively affect flow within about 10 to 15 minutes.

The simple act of body movement while standing encourages the creation of new brain cells (a process known as neurogenesis) specifically around the brain where critical thinking is associated.

Improving Focus

While prolonged sitting — even after 10 to 15 minutes — can negatively affect circulation, it only takes standing for about 10 minutes to increase focus. An impressive 71 percent of employees polled in a survey reported improved mental focus after reducing their sitting time by about one hour per day alone.

Reduction in Discomfort and General Pain

Aside from a number of other long-term health concerns over sitting the entire day at work, two major factors brought up consistently are pain and discomfort. In short, humans were not built to withstand sitting all day. Yet by doing so, people have subjected themselves to joint pain, back pain, chronic headaches and even damaged nerves. Without a doubt, all the distractions that physical discomfort brings in a day will definitely inhibit productivity.

Energy Boost

One’s overall energy levels will increase just by shuffling and standing in little bursts throughout the day. Periods of standing keep the energy levels stable, and those who practice intermittent standing will definitely not feel that afternoon slump so commonly seen today. Additionally, they will feel increased alertness which also aids concentration and focus.

Last Words

By simply reducing sedentary time, employees can see a significant increase in metabolic, mental and physical health. This is as good a time as any to make such an important lifestyle change.

With adding only one simple change to the day of standing to do work, the immense benefits added to people’s daily health regime will greatly impact their long-term health the best way possible.

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