Masterpiece 7 Releases New Action Adventure Book for Kids

June 08 00:04 2021
Book author David D. Faagau has transformed his children’s bedtime ritual into a new book series titled Secret Service Agent Jon.

In this age of computers and the internet, most children prefer visually appealing hobbies such as playing video games and watching television shows more than reading books. This may be because children have become more visual that they easily get bored with pages filled with thousands of words and illustrations that only come once every few pages.

As such, it has been hard for parents to encourage children to read. At the same time, book authors also now find it challenging to come up with stories that can capture the interest of today’s children. The team behind Masterpiece 7, a company that produces children’s books, came up with its newest storybook that will catch the interest of young ones while teaching them valuable life lessons.

Masterpiece 7 recently released its newest action-adventure book for kids entitled “Secret Service Agent Jon” through Amazon. The book will be released in Kindle for those who prefer reading from their devices, as well as a paperback version for those who are more traditional.

Secret Service Agent Jon follows the story of a secret service agent named Jon and his quests in helping children from all over the world. Each of his unique adventures teaches readers a lot of good qualities that can help children grow up to be good individuals. Through his adventures, Secret Service Agent Jon promotes perseverance, courage, confidence, doing the right thing, making good decisions, overcoming evil with good deeds, and selflessness, among the many life lessons that can be learned.

“I want to encourage children that reading is fun. Every page of the book is filled with action-packed adventures that are sure to capture kids’ imagination,” shared author David D. Faagau from Masterpiece 7.

Secret Service Agent Jon is written by David Faagau who loves telling his kids bedtime stories. Each adventure of Secret Service Agent Jon is a story that David came up with during bedtime story nights with his kids. “They are stories that David shared with his children who enjoyed them so much. Secret Service Agent Jon’s stories are the most loved stories of David’s children among the many he has told them,” added good friend and Masterpiece 7 representative, Mark Killebrew.

The reading culture indeed faces the challenge of technology. But despite this fact, Masterpiece 7 still strongly promotes the love of reading. Reading can bring a lot of advantages especially to children, and Masterpiece 7 wants to be an instrument in bringing these advantages to generations to come by creating books that can pique the interest of finicky minds of the youth.

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Masterpiece 7 is a company that intentionally adds victorious value to millions of people through its collection of storybooks for children. Founded by David Faagau, Masterpiece 7 is behind the book Secret Service Agent Jon, a story inspired by the wonder and imagination of its author’s children.

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