HumanSquad Leverages Technology to Assist Prospective Canadian Immigrants with Migrating Easily

June 08 01:09 2021
Seamless platform allows aspiring Canadian immigrants to access useful resources virtually, and with ease.

Yearly, hundreds of thousands of people from across the world migrate to Canada to find better opportunities, and fulfil their dreams. At the early stage of their application processes, these migrants are usually vulnerable to all kinds of information. In many cases, they end up being victims of fake agents who disguise as vetted immigration professionals. In other cases, they miss out on the right steps, and have their efforts wasted due to lack of information. This is gap that HumanSquad is bridging with technology.

With a greater commitment to making migration to Canada more seamless, the cofounders at HumanSquad have stated their resolve to deploy simpler and tech-inclusive approaches in connecting prospective Canadian immigrants to relevant resources and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) to answer all questions pertaining to migration.

Migrating to Canada with limited access to valuable resources can make the process more arduous than it already is. The process of getting the required documents and information can be frustrating without a guide. Also, after the migrants’ application is processed, there is usually a problem of settling in the new country. The average migrant spends the first 12 months of their stay in Canada finding their feet after transitioning. However, this is usually caused by the lack of proper guidance. With a stellar team of experts, including RCICs and HR Advisors, HumanSquad also helps new immigrants to settle easily in Canada.

“We’re helping those outside of Canada find legitimate resources and RCICs to help their transition to Canada, and helping newly-landed immigrants in Canada find their feet. During the course of our interaction with our clients, we have outlined more products in the immigration technology value chain that we want to integrate,” the cofounders stated.

Their flagship product is the Immigration Hub where clients can connect with RCICs for consultation services on study permits, tourist visas, work permits and permanent residency. Other services include resumé/CV review, cover letter creation, skills audit, interview coaching and graduate school admissions consultancy. These services are available online, making it easy for individuals anywhere to prepare for their immigration journey at their convenience.

Getting started with HumanSquad is as simple as going to their website and clicking “Connect to an RCIC”. More information can be found at, or on their various social media pages.

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HumanSquad provides a simple, affordable and convenient solution that helps prospective Canadian immigrants navigate the often complex immigration system more confidently and rapidly by connecting them to RCICs and HR Advisors. with convenient RCIC services.

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