Digital Entrepreneur & Founder of “Street Foodies” Arbaaz Pervaiz is Making Waves in the Pakistani Vlogging Landscape

June 08 01:28 2021
Arbaaz Pervaiz, a Lahore, Pakistan-based inspiring young individual with a multifaceted career, has pioneered a digital firm that unites content creators and food vloggers to bring the local street food culture into the limelight for a global audience and give exposure to the roadside vendors and food stalls.

An innovative idea is nothing without the drive to execute it, and not everyone has the determination to follow their dreams. But, there are some people out there who have the persistence to see an idea through and make sure it’s executed properly, and Arbaaz Pervaiz is undoubtedly one of them. Having a successful career in the digital marketing industry for over four years, it was only natural that he would ultimately take the plunge and start his own company.  Arbaaz Pervaiz is the founder of a digital company called Street Foodies which promotes Pakistani food culture through videos and social media content by featuring live cooking in small restaurants and streets all across the country.

Street Foodies is a novel initiative that celebrates street food and small restaurant cooking. The aim is not only for the people in the country to know about the hidden culinary treasures but also those abroad or who can’t make it there; they will watch videos of specialties from all over the country on Facebook! The professionally filmed original content will excite the hungry souls and street food aficionados to visit the featured restaurants or stalls themselves -giving them much-needed revenue and exposure. The company’s mission is to create a sustainable community for consumers, creatives, and businesses by uniting content creators from different cities, accumulate all street cooking or live kitchen videos on one platform to show the endless variety of cuisine the country has to offer while giving these artistic people an opportunity to share their work with the world.

Arbaaz is a career slasher and is a Facebook Monetization leading light currently and previously associated with numerous national and international level celebrities. The bright individual was among the first ones from the country to ace it via  Facebook Blueprint. His passion for the work was why he was invited by the social media giant Facebook to test their beta version of Monetization, which made him the most sought-one after in the field.  Journalists like Imran Khan, Maryam Ikram to the musician turned politician Abrar ul Haq, and YouTubers like Haris Awan, Crazy Prank  TV, Lahorified, and Lahori  Prankstar have leveraged his services to accomplish their monetization.

He has been working with international companies like Zapya, ZvoidStudios,  Pure  Rally, Radwan, Femanji, and others and has always been applauded for his sheer professionalism. When it comes to digital marketing,  Arbaaz is an inspiration.  He is the forefront  Digital Marketer for Zapya, the leading peer-to-peer file sharing application by a renowned Chinese firm. Through his out-of-the-box ideas and strategies, the application received a record number of downloads in a short span.

During his association with the tech firm, he is one of the leading organizers of many marketing ventures, including a Mega Cricket Tournament and the corporate social responsibility initiative of Zapya through which the company donated meals to the orphanages. Arbaaz has come a long way. In short,  he’s living the life all Millennials wish for. He has achieved this through dedication and relentless hard work, making him a  role model for the youth. Want to get in touch with him? Here are social profiles where you can learn more about him and stay current with his future endeavors

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