DiscordBotList.com Unveils 10 Best Discord Bots For Online Communities

June 08 03:24 2021

DiscordBotList.com has unveiled the ten best Discord Bots, which are AI-powered bots that enable users to perform a wide range of actions.

Marketers and entrepreneurs alike have turned to these AI-powered bots to perform a wide array of automated tasks on the server. From creating custom commands to showcasing the best Discord music bots, DiscordBotList.com said the list features the ultimate bots to carving out a highly engaged and entertained community. 

Dank Memer (discordbotlist.com/bots/dank-memer) sits atop the list, bringing some great perks to your Discord server, including increased server engagement and a selling point while advertising your server. It offers a unique global currency system, tons of easy ways to generate memes just by using the bot’s image category, as well as games and animal pictures.

Meanwhile, those looking to “gamify” their community can turn to Tatsu (discordbotlist.com/bots/tatsu), a chatbot platform focused on engaging communities by creating Discord-enabled games. It features Tatsugotchi, a full pet collector game playable from within your Discord server.

Users looking to spice up their server with a true Pokémon experience for Discord can count on Mewbot (discordbotlist.com/bots/mewbot). It has user vs user duels, Daily Missions, Game corner, Fishing, and its own RADIANT Pokémon recolours.

Personalization is the name of the game for ZeroTwo (discordbotlist.com/bots/zerotwo), a Discord Bot that enables profile customization, including customizing your language. It also offers a unique card game and many Roleplay-Commands like hug and cuddle.

IdleRPG (discordbotlist.com/bots/idlerpg), on the other hand, aims to be the RPG you can play by checking back one to three times a day while also giving you the option of spending all day on Discord to have fun with your friends while playing. Idle features five different races to choose from, seven classes and a total of 49 evolutions to advance to, and 30 different idle adventures to go on – slay dragons, find Excalibur or fight aliens.

Those looking for discord music bots could get Toasty (discordbotlist.com/bots/toasty), which allows users to stream high-quality music from YouTube, SoundCloud or even listen to Twitch.tv streams live with Toasty’s music abilities. You can also moderate your server smooth like butter with Toasty’s extensive moderation abilities, including auto roles, customizable welcome & leave messages and advertisement blocking.

Arcane (discordbotlist.com/bots/arcane), meantime, stands as the best levelling bot on Discord. Arcane includes a simple dashboard for managing rewards, level-up notifications, and XP options. Everything needed for a levelling experience is provided. 

Also included in the list is Lootcord (discordbotlist.com/bots/lootcord), a rust-themed fighting and looting bot. It lets you open crates, collect items, and battle your friends. It features global and server-side economies. 

Rounding up the list is MoneyBot (discordbotlist.com/bots/moneybot), which provides a simple but good economy-system that can be set up in one minute, and Othmane (discordbotlist.com/bots/othmane), an all-in-one bot doing giveaways, Status Autorole, and playing music. 

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