Fort Lauderdale Physical Therapy for One-on-One Treatment is Now Open with Full Implementation of CDC Guidelines

June 08 05:18 2021
Physical Therapy Group of Florida is among the top physical therapy centers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It enables its clients to lead a healthier and happier life through pain relief, improved mobility and posture, and better body mechanics.

According to announcements released by the Physical Therapy Group of Florida and Giovanna Bossio-Bullen, this Fort Lauderdale physical therapy center is now working regular hours. Interested folks can avail of one-on-one treatment and consultation for pain relief, improved mobility, and other benefits.

This award-winning therapy center offers 100% free evaluation and assessment. Patients can obtain an actionable and practical treatment plan from licensed physical therapists to reduce pain and improve the quality of their lives.

Physical Therapy Group of Florida treats back and neck pain, knee and hip injuries, joint replacement pain, sports rehabilitation, arthritis, sciatica, offers balance training, and trains for fall prevention, vertigo, dizziness, muscle strengthening, walking issues, etc.

The pain and recovery packages are meant for those who experience pain because of a lack of flexibility and are consequently unable to perform the full range of a given motion. This problem, if left untreated, affects an individual’s strength. The packages are popular with patients who have recovered or are recovering from injury.

The full-body stretch delivered under these packages improves overall flexibility. It is an excellent spine-neutral stretch for easing out stress from the body. It mitigates the risk of injury, controls damage from arthritis, and enables better form and posture when working out.

Compassionate and trained occupational therapists at the Physical Therapy Group of Florida help patients execute day-to-day actions with ease through environmental adjustments, adaptive equipment, rehabilitation, and caregiver training.

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Patients can also avail focused lower extremity stretches and focused upper extremity stretches for improved flexibility ideal for runners, baseball players, cyclists, musicians, boxers, etc.

In Florida, car insurance covers medical bills under Personal Injury Protection (PIP) as long as the treatment is deemed medically essential. Physical Therapy Group of Florida works with doctors, orthopedics, and surgeons who treat vehicle accident injuries. It also liaises with the top personal injury lawyers in Fort Lauderdale. They can help injury victims get fair compensation quickly.

Giovanna Bossio-Bullen of Physical Therapy Group of Florida said, “A car accident can be a significant burden on someone’s life. Some people may not know what they should do after being in a car accident. After getting everything squared away with your insurance company and collecting the other person’s information, one of the following things on the list should be to consult with a medical doctor or a physical therapist.

It may take weeks to get an appointment with your doctor; the good news is that we can do an evaluation the same day or the next day of your accident and start treatment right away!

Many people tend to put this off because they don’t feel any amount of pain or tension right away. That is because the initial shock to your body has not worn off yet, and this is holding back the pain symptoms that most likely will arise later. Getting in to see a physical therapist can jumpstart the treatment process right away so that once you do start to feel something, there isn’t a delay in getting in to see someone for relief.”

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Physical Therapy Group of Florida is a trusted physical therapist in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It is open and working regular hours. Military police, firefighters, teachers, and EMTs can avail special discounts.

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