Get to Know Kredit Pintar, Indonesia’s Latest Fintech Star

June 08 05:36 2021

Fintech, or financial technology, institutions have been all the rave lately. It’s only natural, considering how fast technology is integrating itself into almost every aspect of human lives. This is even more relevant in financial and economy system. Today, let’s talk about online loans (pinjaman online) and how one could participate in Indonesia.

Why Apply for Online Loans (Pinjaman Online)

One of the main benefits of applying for online loans is the sheer convenience of it. Back in the days, people would have to go to a bank, for example, and be there in person. They had to fill in actual forms and be physically presence to borrow money. Today, lenders are making it easier than ever for anyone to improve their financial life!

With online loans, or pinjaman online, the entire process can take place anywhere. Yes, that includes within the comfort of their own home! With a lot of options seemingly bombarding, which one is the best for Indonesians?

Kredit Pintar is the Country’s Leading Fintech

When it comes down to it, online loans are designed for the convenience of the borrowers. This is important because one should always have access to money without being disadvantaged. Kredit Pintar believes in that, which is what makes it one of the most trustworthy company in this front.

It offers money loans in Rupiah with an extremely low interest rate and zero collaterals. As an app-based platform, it boasts a user-friendly interface that will make the process quick and easy. From the initial registration to receiving the money, won’t need more than 5 minutes! To pay it back, one can even enjoy a flexible installment arrangement.

How to Increase Credit Score at Kredit Pintar

Even if someone never made loans before, no need to worry! There are plenty of ways to boost their credit score through the app, and this includes making their first loan. Similarly, pay back the money on or before the due date. As they make more loans, they will eventually build up their credit here.

Other than through loans and paying them back, they can also enhance your credit score by engaging with the app. First, add a profile photo. Then, make sure to refer their friends and they will benefit from each person who downloads Kredit Pintar. In addition, it also helps to share their story and experience with online loans!

Not only that, this company is reliable as officially registered. They have been accredited and approved by the Financial Services Authority of Indonesia. Now that there is no need to worry about scams and what-nots, all there’s left to do is to install the app!

All in all, Kredit Pintar is a truly excellent fintech that has made its way to the limelight of Indonesia’s financial sector. Almost anyone can apply for loans using only their mobile phones. The noble mission to improve the nation’s economic welfare is aptly pursued by making online loans accessible to as much of the population as possible.

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