New Jersey Real Estate Agent Changes Industry with Service as Her Mindset

June 08 09:54 2021
New Jersey Real Estate Agent Changes Industry with Service as Her Mindset

Bre’yanie Pearson is a real estate agent and philanthropist who is extremely passionate about making a change in the world at large and within her commercial sector. From Teaneck, New Jersey, Bre’yanie spent her childhood and early life watching her father dominate the markets, handing her a work ethic and passion that at first brought her down an alternative route in the non-profit sector with a vision of helping the less fortunate and future generations.

A graduate of Kean University, in both undergraduate and graduate studies, she has built a legacy of higher education and ultimate success. While her foundational high school volunteer work exponentially developed into a full-blown focus on non-profit build and creation, over time she realized that helping others find financial freedom to fulfill their dreams would be her guiding endeavor. Simultaneously, Bre’yanie manages a non-profit organization and is a force in the world of real estate.  

As a woman of philanthropic ideals, she strives to educate people on ownership and real estate. Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” and Bre’yanie has exacted that motto into a prerogative. “I credit a lot of my drive and determination to my parents. Seeing how hard they worked set the standard of how I should work to accomplish my goals… I think it is important to find people you can look up to who have accomplished goals you too have set in place for yourself.” For many people entering the real estate market, Bre’yanie serves as both an agent, and a guiding force in educating on the ins and outs of an often-volatile market.

Currently at eXp Realty in Montclair, New Jersey, she works with buyers and sellers, assists with rentals, residential properties, and family dwellings. She is an expert in helping clients interested in investing in multi-family units and turning their home-buying goals into an experience which changes futures for generations. She advises first time home buyers who don’t know where to start to find a trustworthy agent to work with. She emphasizes the importance of getting pre-approved and says, “pre-approval is the best way to know what you can afford.” She also suggests that clients should properly research the area they plan on purchasing property in, to be knowledgeable on comparative properties, risks, and market trends. Wherever her clients fall short, Bre’yanie picks up the pieces to a successful outcome. 

“The hottest real estate markets are Dallas, Miami, Houston, Atlanta and Vegas.” Bre’yanie shared, “I personally prefer North Carolina or Texas,” but it is up to the real estate market and agents to assist clients in finding the sweetest spot for an investment. “Helping people create a strategy for their investment is a specialty I was brought up with,” and Bre’yanie certainly has made such life-long differences in the lives of many clients. 

In her spare time, Bre’yanie loves to travel and seek out locations less travelled where market potential is enormous. Her top two favorite countries are Jamaica and the Turks and Caicos Islands. When she travels, she takes note of the living standards and conditions of the locals, constantly calculating ways in which she can create better overall environments in the world at large. She expects to develop her career into continued philanthropic outreach, real estate markets, and eventually vacation rental properties. “You have to start with a goal and work through all of the ins and outs of getting there,” she advises – an important motto whether you are buying a home or changing the world – both of Bre’yanie Pearson’s specialties.  

To learn more about Bre’yanie visit or follow @MakingMovesWithBre on Instagram.

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