New Kainero App Lets Online Shoppers Earn Real Cash

June 08 20:22 2021
This shopping app lets users find items online, sell them for cash, and earn cash or credits for referrals, and more. It also has incentives for sharing custom listicles.

The pandemic saw a boom among online shoppers. Many of them stay on a shopping app for a long time. App developers view this user behavior as an opportunity to allow users to do more than just shop online. One of these developers created a technology empowering users to sell, promote products, and earn cash while they shop.

Kainero app, a shopping platform that also offers cash and credit incentives to its users, recently launched its services to do just that, plus more. The app lets users shop and pick awesome products they want to sell. Users also get access to exclusive URLs of offered items and generate a custom listicle, or article in a list-type format. Users can share this listicle with their friends via their social media, SMS, or email in exchange for cash or credit.

“Kainero is the best way to shop, and you can make money while doing it too!” A representative of the Think Tech Sales said. Kainero’s business model allows people to use it as their instant side business. When someone buys a product, the app pays the buyer and the seller $10 each. Once the user collects a total amount of $1,000, he or she can already transfer the cash to his or her bank account.

Signing up for Kainero gives users exclusive access to product deals on trending gadgets and the latest devices for home and personal use. The app’s curated list of updated deals offers individuals only the best products around.

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About Kainero

Kainero is the latest shopping app that offers cash and credits as incentives. The app provides incentives for shoppers and allows them to pick products they want to sell. It offers money for shopping and selling, allowing users to have a side hustle they can use to earn a second income or build their own e-commerce empire.

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