CARTWHIRLER Helps Build Self-Esteem Among Young Children with Its Versatile Cartwheel Mat

June 08 20:33 2021
It is the most fun way to cartwheel and will up the cartwheel game of both beginners and pros.

Kids today are attached to their screens, and parents are searching for new and exciting ways to get them moving. Twin sisters and long-time dance teachers Rena and Marnie Schwartz invented a fun way to positively impact the mental and physical health of children and, at the same time, build confidence at an early age. Their confidence mat, the CARTWHIRLER, is made for kids ages 4–12+. But because of its many entertaining possibilities, teens and adults are also equally obsessed with it.

The CARTWHIRLER is the first and only cartwheel mat for home use on a mission to ignite confidence in kids. It assists parents who want nothing more than to see their kids succeed, become confident and feel powerful. Cartwheels may be the starting point, but children can do so much more with this multi-purpose mat.

It is the size of a yoga mat and can be used for yoga, gymnastics, dance and hours of independent play. There are three age lines on the mat with visual markers to help kids achieve a successful cartwheel while learning to persevere, to believe in themselves and to have fun.

The CARTWHIRLER is a long-lasting, high-quality, sustainable and durable toy. It is also easy to clean, store and take anywhere. The perfect gift for any child!

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CARTWHIRLER is invented by Rena and Marnie Schwartz and is a kid- and parent-approved toy that teaches kids the most fun way to cartwheel and more.

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