Virtual Landline’s 0330 Number Service Becomes a Popular Option Among Small Business Owners

June 08 18:44 2021

Virtual landline have assisted many small businesses in giving off the impression that they are a large brand that works on a national level. Recently, many small businesses have also begun using 0330 numbers. A 0330 number is a non-geographic number that costs the same as calling as a standard UK landline with a 01 or 02 prefix.

0330 numbers do not have any geographic restriction, allowing businesses to appear as if they operate on a national scale. Despite this, they do not have additional fees attached, making them quite a cost-effective option for smaller businesses.  Virtual Landline is able to simplify the process, and help their users reach clients and customers in regions they may not currently operate in. When a virtual phone number gets dialed, the call gets redirected to the registered phone number. The call may then be attended through one’s own mobile phone or through the Virtual Landline app.

Virtual Landline’s effective service is ideal for businesses who may need to travel or relocate in the near future. As the virtual number is not bound to any geographic location, one is able to move their workplace without worry of customer calls going unattended. This also assists businesses in avoiding costs to update their phone details every time they relocate.

Virtual Landline’s 0330 numbers have proven to be a boon for many businesses, who previously would have had a hard time establishing themselves as a national-level brand to their customers. In addition to this, the service has simplified the otherwise hectic process of relocating their business.

About Virtual Landline

Virtual Landline is a service provided by Buzz Networks, an independent telecoms business with its roots in non-geographic numbers. Buzz Networks consists of Buzz Connect providing cloud based phone solutions for businesses and Buzz Wireless providing 4G solutions for commercial, leisure and rental solutions. Buzz Connect is a leading technology based telecommunications network delivering direct services to small, medium and corporate businesses, public telephone operators and blue chip companies. 

In addition to providing numbers and routing calls, Buzz Wireless has a range of 4G and 3G solutions including the Hubba range of products (one of the best marine broadband solutions) and also specialise in wide area Wi-Fi for rural areas. Originally formed in 1996 as Freephone Solutions, Buzz Networks remains privately owned company, offering its customers a very high level of continuity, stability, understanding and expertise. 

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