Top Free VPN Services to Use to Help Raise COVID Awareness in India and Other Heavily-censored Countries

June 08 19:04 2021
Stay informed and connected.

Everyone seems to have been accustomed to the new normal that even now that the vaccine is at hand and the world is getting close to achieving herd immunity, people still prefer to do everything online. Of course, the digitalization of everything made life easy and convenient for the most part. However, that’s not the rest of the world’s reality. For some, the pandemic made matters even worse than it already was. Especially in areas where the internet is heavily censored, it’s hard to keep up with the current situation.

Without access to news portals and social media platforms, the news will not reach the public. This unawareness will cause more deaths and casualties. Thankfully, an online tool can help circumvent heavy internet restrictions — a useful Virtual Private Network service or a VPN.

How a VPN helps users get COVID news updates without restrictions

In areas such as India and China where the internet is mostly censored or gatekept, a VPN is the best resolve. With a VPN, citizens will be able to stay updated with the latest news and updates. Never mind the government-imposed cyber censorship; a VPN can help users get past online blocks through data encryption. This works by keeping a user’s information and identity private. Without access to the user’s whereabouts, it’ll be impossible for the authorities to block their access.

But it is important to do research first and foremost before choosing the right VPN. Here are some reliable VPN providers to help you decide:


ExpressVPN is powered by its top-notch military-grade security system that keeps users’ identities and online activities private. It also has strategically distributed virtual servers in 94 countries that help users from India or other heavily censored countries access news safely and anonymously. Experience fast, unlimited, and unrestricted access to foreign websites and news portals by downloading the ExpressVPN app.

Subscribe to any of their bundles and get 30 days money-back guarantee with every purchase.


This easy-to-use app makes it possible for everyone, even beginners, to stay protected online. Just launch the app, select a country, and flip the switch. TunnelBear then works quietly in the background, protecting the user with its AES 256-bit encryption. Users can also have an access to 41 countries worldwide, which allows them to stay up-to-date with the current situation even from a restricted country.

Get this and more by downloading the TunnelBear app. Try free for 7 days.


GoingVPN provides a fast and safe connection for everyone. It offers high-speed and unlimited service that allows the users to stream and download without lags. In addition to that, the app also has a military-grade security feature that protects users from getting tracked. Most importantly, it gives the users the option to connect to more than 30 server locations around the globe to help bypass internet restrictions.

GoingVPN is available for all Android devices. Download the app from the Google Play Store.

Choose one VPN above and help raise COVID awareness from anywhere in the world.

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