Important Features to Look for in a VPN App

June 09 14:38 2021

Virtual Private Network (VPN) has been making some noise in the technology industry since the COVID-19 pandemic. Factors like internet users becoming aware of online threats and more leisure time make VPN services improve the technology to cater different types of cyber users.

VPN is the easiest solution to any cyber issue as it has the capability of concealing one’s IP address. By doing so, third parties on the web would not be able to gather and record any data from a user who’s connected to a VPN. This ultimate feature avoids putting the internet user into a displeasing online situation like hacking, targeted advertising, data throttling, and limited showing of online contents.

Although this VPN component is exceptional, VPN services are not designed equally. For example, some free VPNs can be sketchy; while premium VPNs can be quite expensive- one has to pay more to receive another feature or a better service.

There are several reasons why an internet user needs a VPN on a daily basis. Those reasons will shape what type of a VPN service that a user should connect to.

After finding out the reasons, the user must make a list of VPN features that are non-negotiable. For example, a VPN service that can improve one’s internet connection or an unlimited data bandwidth.

Then, it is important to find out whether a VPN service is available on one’s device. A piece of advice: check how many devices a VPN service can connect at once. There are VPN tools that can only connect up to three devices, while some can connect to unlimited devices all at the same time.

Also, an internet user must consider the VPN service’s interface. VPN is an unfamiliar sound to plenty of cyber users so if a user is not really a tech enthusiast, one must choose a VPN service that is user-friendly. Having a simple interface for a VPN tool is helpful so that users can use the app properly.

Last thing, the user must look for a VPN app that offers a wide variety of server locations. The more server locations, the more options a user has when it comes to bypassing geo-blocked contents.


VPN services are the same when it comes to the key feature- cybersecurity. But when it comes to other perks, there will be VPN apps that will stand-out. A free VPN app like GoingVPN checks all the boxes of all the amazing features that users must look for in a VPN app.

This free VPN guarantees online users’ web safety and offers tremendous VPN features without shelling out any amount of cash.

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