Premier Solution for Enterprise Asset Tracking: Link Labs AirFinder

June 09 22:24 2021
AirFinder OnSite can manage millions of IoT applications with its innovative platform.

In March 2021, Link Labs announced the launch of AirFinder OnSite, a leading end-to-end enterprise IoT (Internet of Things) platform for monitoring and locating an enterprise’s most critical assets.

In 2014, a group of veteran engineers from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab launched Link Labs in Annapolis, Maryland. They recognized that through unique solutions for big technical issues, businesses could be transformed – particularly in the ever-growing realm of IoT. Their first platform, AirFinder, makes locating and monitoring virtually anything simple, effective, and affordable through smart RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) and low-power IoT network technologies.

Today, AirFinder OnSite features innovations that make enterprise-grade IoT asset tracking more precise, more power-efficient, and more affordable than ever. AirFinder OnSite was recently awarded an impressive six patents for components such as ‘System and Method for Generating Phase-Coherent Signaling When Ranging Between Wireless Communication Nodules’ and ‘Apparatus and Method for Mitigating Effects of Multipath Interference Between Wireless Communication Nodes via Constraint of Estimated Node Location’. To date, the company holds more than 20 patents in total for its technological innovations, and their product roadmap demonstrates a continued path of leading innovation.

Link Labs continues to establish itself as a pioneer in its niche, as the company works diligently to perfect an evolving industry in which consumer demands are driving businesses to IoT. In a world where data is expected to be available in real-time, IoT holds a secure place in the growing market. Tagging, locating, and monitoring equipment, supplies, and assets is critical for tracking an enterprise’s most valuable assets at any time.

When companies lose tangible assets, they lose ROI, and these losses can quickly add up. By mitigating these losses with AirFinder, companies can continue to thrive and are guaranteed a healthy bottom line with minimal losses.

Link Labs is proud to offer flexible and budget-friendly options to meet the needs of its clients, while ensuring safety measures are met. Encryption ensures that client data is kept secure. The AirFinder platform is completely scalable, which makes it perfect for growing businesses of all sizes and industries. In a world where asset management can mean the difference between business health and financial destitution, Link Labs and AirFinder offer the tools necessary for success.

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About Link Labs

Link Labs provides the industry’s most complete, end-to-end IoT platform for tagging, locating and monitoring equipment, supplies and assets. With more than 20 patented technologies, its flagship platform, AirFinder, helps companies in nearly every industry locate, monitor and manage business assets anywhere at any time – indoor, outdoor and everywhere in-between. Through the seamless integration of innovative software and hardware, AirFinder is proven to reduce IoT deployment times from months to days while lowering the cost of ownership by 50-90%. Trusted by top global enterprises for their essential IoT solutions, Link Labs is based in Annapolis, Md. and was founded in 2014 by a group of veteran engineers from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, who had worked together on a variety of projects for the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Intelligence Community and the telecommunications industry.

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