Published writer T. Mayu Bogollagama continues to make waves with love poetry

June 10 03:18 2021

Published writer T. Mayu Bogollagama has continued to swoon readers with his set of books focusing on romantic poetry, the poetry of sentiments, emotions, and imagination. 

He first conceived a passion for the romantic verse while majoring in English at Georgetown University in the early 1990s. His first volume of poetry, “Moons of Desire,” was written while completing his M.A. at Georgetown.

“Moons Of Desire, a book dedicated to the late Princess Diana, was a perceptive roller coaster of beautiful romantic poems that kept me sewed to it from start to finish,” Mayu said in a statement.

One of his recent books, “Genres of Love,” comprises 23 poems, ranging from romantic to platonic themes of love while capturing an authentic essence of the human condition. Bogollagama uses creative artistry in crafting meaningful words to generate a lasting impression on the reader.

In his book “Karmic Kindness,” 50 heart-capturing and romantic poems draw the reader into a profound encounter with the deepest yearnings of the human spirit. 

The gentle rhythms of the natural elements of sun, land, sea, and sky are transmitted with stark yet powerful simplicity and economy of words. 

Hearts of Truism is Bogollagama’s fourth book of love poetry. The collection of love poems captures the essence of random acts of kindness and love, ranging from platonic to romantic themes. This book is intended to inspire authentic and true relations among human beings and is dedicated to Angelina Jolie and her amazing humanitarian work.

Another sought-after book from the renowned author is the “Salute to Serendipity,” a book of love poems with leitmotifs on the Kandyan Convention 1815, which marked the importance of the Kandyan Kingdom of Ceylon and its preserving of Buddhism as a treaty with the United Kingdom, and the serendipitous setting, the paradise island of Sri Lanka. 

The various poems range from love sonnets to cultural verses, enabling a reader’s vivid imagination take control of the passionate and colorful words.

Bogollagama resides in Washington D.C. and practices random acts of kindness while maintaining a lens on addressing systemic failures that continue to cause human suffering and struggle throughout the world. 

Love poetry enthusiasts who want to read all his books can purchase them through Amazon.

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