Afcultures Offers Breathtaking Home Decors through Innovative Design and Laser Cutting Metal Art

June 28 17:49 2021
New Jersey-based startup challenges the standard of home decors with their new world precision technique, along with old-world craftsmanship from Monogram Metal Shop.

As people get to spend more time at home with their families, they get to see what else can be further improved to make their hub more beautiful. There are a lot of home decors out there that could be put in various spots in the house but they might be deemed too generic and traditional. Artists and business owners alike can only think of better ways to offer something new. The Hoang Son Ecommerce Development Company took this challenge upon themselves and came up with an innovative idea of making laser cutting metal art.

The company is better known as Afcultures which is a startup focused on design and laser cutting metal materials. Their reason for capitalizing on metal art is simple: they were tired of the standard decor people could find at any local retailer. This new medium mixed with personalization gives customers unique home decor pieces and a chance to bond with their loved ones as they design their houses.

Afcultures offer a variety of designs, colors, and sizes. There are a lot of things that they can do with metal art such as turning children’s names, favorite characters, and more into captivating home decor pieces. It’s really about encapsulating what matters most to a person and turning it into an art that lasts. They present new world precision with old-world craftsmanship only from their family-owned and operated Monogram Metal Shop.

“We are a group of people with a passion for creativity — creativity makes us happy,” said the company representative. The stunning home decors that they offer cannot be found anywhere else. Putting them up would certainly leave your friends or any visitors in awe.

The quality of their products is also unquestionable because they are made of 18 and 16-gauge stainless steel plus a durable baked-on-powder-coated finish that is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. They also ensure a hassle-free transaction through their website at, smoothly processing the order from design cutting file and laser cutting production process within 3-5 business days while boasting secure credit card processing as well.

Their company was built on a strong culture of magic-making where they dream of something and then do it together to reinvent what’s possible. They think out of the box and push themselves out of their comfort zones. Surely, they will be able to establish their position as one of the best-personalized home decor and gift product providers. Whether it’s a custom metal monogram sign or any of our other unique items, they will provide the highest quality decor that meets or even surpasses expectations.

About Hoang Son Ecommerce Development Company, LLC

The company is better known as Afcultures, a startup focused on design and laser cutting metal materials. Based in New Jersey, they use a new medium mixed with personalization to give customers unique home decor pieces.

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