Marlo Richardson Building an Entrepreneurial Legacy in Food, Coaching, Entertainment and More

June 28 19:49 2021
Marlo Richardson Building an Entrepreneurial Legacy in Food, Coaching, Entertainment and More

Starting a business that sets the tone of an industry is an overwhelming challenge. To thrive in various industries and build successful ventures is close to impossible. Yet, that is what serial entrepreneur Marlo Richardson has been able to do many times in her career.

Marlo is an entrepreneur who has previously owned many famous restaurants in the past, including Berri’s Cafe in Los Angeles, Burgerim, and many other business ventures. Marlo Richardson is also a radio personality and host on DASH Radio. She also served as a Contractor’s State License Board member after being appointed by Governor Jerry Brown in 2015 and re-appointed in 2016 until January 2021. 

Growing up, Marlo had one undying passion- to help those in need. She would get involved in various charitable organizations, lending expertise and resources to those who needed it most. Later on, Marlo would find her way into law and then into politics.

As Richardson progressed in her career, she realized how employment was failing her and many people. The nine-to-five and paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyles, although not necessarily evil, weren’t going to bring her joy. So she decided to jump into entrepreneurship. Her hunger for a more comfortable life and constant learning jived into one cohesive motivation to jump into business all in. Eventually, Marlo would start the brand “Business Bullish” to teach leadership, business, and goal-setting to people who wanted the same lifestyle.

One of Marlo’s greatest passions is creating experiences for friends and family to enjoy. “I love the idea of creating food and drink venues that allow people to enjoy themselves and the camaraderie of friends,” shares Richardson. Purchasing the Tattletale Room Tavern, and rebranding it as STAGE 21 bar and lounge with a classic, yet modern flair, she hopes to bring that same experience or even better for all who know the Tattletale brand and those who are yet to share in the memories of the legendary pub. 

For Richardson, business is more than just a way to enrich oneself. It’s also a way to serve the community. The business expert and longtime entrepreneur has over twenty years of experience working in various municipal organizations, management boards, public policy projects, and public relations initiatives for public and private institutions. She has also helped many other entrepreneurs grow and transition in business, going on stages and using her various platforms to inspire and educate aspiring and existing business owners. Marlo Richardson also enjoys taking an active role in entrepreneurial circles, regularly training others in leadership, business startup, and organization skills to help them reach their company and personal goals.

Marlo Richardson also has a hand in entertainment. She has produced two theatrical films and hosts a podcast that mentors people looking to start investing in cryptocurrency and the stock market. She also recently acquired an iconic pub known as Tattletale Room in Culver City, which shut down due to economic challenges during the COVID-19 crisis. The serial entrepreneur looks to open its doors come this July 3, 2021.

Learn more about Marlo Richardson and her many projects and ventures by visiting her website and Instagram profile.

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