New York-Based Restaurant, Sole Mio, Continues Remarkable Growth With Italian American Cuisine

June 28 18:52 2021
New York-Based Restaurant, Sole Mio, Continues Remarkable Growth With Italian American Cuisine

In an attempt to thrill food lovers in America, Sole Mio, a super fresh Italian-American restaurant opened on 5th Ave in Park Slope in August 2020 and has slowly become a “favorite” to many people in and around the area. Sole Mio serves both family and casual friendly dining. With expert chefs on board, Sole Mio serves Manhattan-quality food at affordable prices. The restaurant’s menu includes mouth-watering dishes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Brunch.

The most popular items are Homemade Pasta, oven-baked Pizza, and freshly baked Bread. Sole Mio comforts vegetarians with an “Impossible Burger” which is an all-vegetarian Burger. The homemade pasta and brick oven pizza is the perfect item to eat if someone’s feeling hungry. The rich flavor of the tomato sauces, steaks, and burgers comes from decades of work in the kitchen. Italian flavors served at their best, and that is what makes Sole Mio a must-try for food lovers.

The chef-owners of Sole Mio are a product of successful cooks in a style of food that has become increasingly popular, Italian American. This sort of menu provides a variety of options in the menu that a traditional Italian Menu wouldn’t have. 

Along with serving delicious traditional Italian food recipes, offering a mix of American menus such as hamburgers and sandwiches, Sole Mio is catering to a wider audience, from students living on pocket money to elite class people who just want to have a nice time with nice food.

Italian food is among the fanciest and expensive cuisines in the world. Sole Mio aims at making the same delicious Italian food available at affordable prices to any customer or the residents of the Park Slope area visiting the restaurant. Sole Mio also hosts live music for the jazz, soul, and soft rock fans, typically on weekends. By bringing in talented Edwin Velasquez and his guitar, Sole Mio creates an ambiance that is neither too fancy nor too casual.

“Sole Mio is where the food and fun meet.” – Silvestre Castro, Owner / Chef.

“Using only local and fresh ingredients, Sole Mio aims to provide diners quality food at an affordable price.” – Rafael Aranda, Owner / Chef.

From working in delis, bagel shops, hotels, to reaching out as far as fine dining, the owners have had a fair share of experience and they bring a collection of knowledge and efficiency to Sole Mio. Sole Mio brings empowerment to the Hispanic community as the owners face their struggles while climbing the ladder. Sole Mio is focusing on the working class to grow their business. 

Sole Mio is a perfect diner for a romantic dinner date night, a luxurious dinner with family, or a business meeting. Casually hanging out with friends after a class or just having a quiet dinner after long hours at work. The elegant ambiance and excellently styled menu of the restaurant makes it ideal for all kinds of occasions.

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