An Interview with International Astrologer & Tarot Card Reader – Sarah May Low

July 02 23:25 2021

Are you curious about the secret to becoming an exceptional Tarot reader, or if you require some kind of “gift” to assist you? Is Tarot Reading real? Will certain types of divination or forecast affect your future? This Tarot interview features answers to numerous questions many are curious about as the revival of the art of Tarot Reading and Astrology is becoming popular amongst Millennials and also Generation Z.

1. Explain how you discovered your interest in Tarot and what did you do before starting this spiritual business?

I used to work in Media and Marketing for 10 years and my last position was a Business Development Director at a Tech Company based in Vietnam before I decided to start a spiritual and new-age business full-time in 2018. By then, I was already doing personal and event readings professionally for 4 years.

Truthfully, I believe everyone is gifted with a level of psychic ability or intuition. This is a quality that can be worked on or “tuned” into. That was why I started Sarah May Low Tarot Academy to teach people the art of divination, spiritual healing, and manifestation to achieve their highest purpose and goals in life.

To sum it up, I’m known for my friendly, warm, open, and empathic “style” of reading.

My goal is to make my clients leave that chair feeling empowered, with essential issues answered, with a renewed sense of hope and confidence, and ready to seize the opportunities life presents to them.

2. In your opinion, what will people get out of a Tarot reading?

You get to learn quite a bit about yourself through any relationship with another person, so that’s great. Spirituality is like a diet or exercise. All forms of diet and exercise are good for you when you have the discipline to constantly work at it – so is spirituality.

It is quite possible that if you go in for a reading with a Tarot card reader, you will be given accurate and beneficial information about your life.

The most enlightening thing you can experience is just to learn about yourself through someone else’s words.

It can be exciting and illuminating to hear what your reader sees as the major questions in your situation and then respond to those issues from their own perspective.

Every reading is different, unique and 100% customized to their needs. Everyone has their own unique talents.

I believe the Universe is talking to us through the cards, loving us, and supporting us. Readings should be both positive and inspirational and healing for the receiver.

But, always take it as guidance only as I have heard of some readers who are mean for the sake of being mean, so don’t let anyone make you sad or derail your goals.

Depend on your personal truth and your own free will.

3. How do Astrology or Tarot help a person?

When you consult the cards in a reading, you will always see your most likely possibility. With that being said, the possibilities are truly endless for each of us. When you make even the smallest of decisions, it may appear as though you are being guided towards a particular outcome. You will see this path when you study the cards. It serves as a road map. If you like what you see, then you should continue in that direction.

Knowledge means that you are empowered to view something you don’t like and face it. There are plenty of ways to adjust, enhance, or completely eliminate something. Your decision concerning what you will do with the new knowledge you acquire from a tarot reading, you can choose or make whatever further choices you want. There are no absolutes.

While you already hold the most powerful gift, your free will, make sure you remember to make good use of it. The tools we utilize, such as cards, stars, or anything, are only a method we select to use. The power already exists within you. Everything else is only guidance or suggestion otherwise.

4. People in the new age profession are seen as “mythical” creatures. What is your daily routine “really” like?

I am actually just like any other “normal” human being. At present, my daily routine consists of academic study, research, coaching, writing, and business operations. I spend about 3 to 4 hours a day studying because I am finishing my Ph.D. in Human Communication in about 1 year. After that, I devote approximately 3 to 4 hours each day to reading, meetings with my professors, attending postgraduate seminars and workshops, with the remaining time allotted to writing, researching, and running my business – client readings, marketing, and administrative work.

5. It is possible to learn how to read tarot cards if you have an inherent talent for tarot reading. But, to be able to gain this skill, how would one go about it?

Tarot may or may not resonate with you, but everyone can master it. For starters, I have an online Diploma in Tarot Divination workshop where I teach and assist learning in Tarot to those interested. Many of my students have discovered that the Tarot is a helpful and empowering tool. It helps me feel like I’m helping people when I use the tarot cards in my regular life, not only when I’m providing advice. This is my way of giving back to society.

As in any type of learning, time and commitment are essential. And if you genuinely love the subject, you will go far.

If you are curious about Tarot but have reservations about trying it, here are some suggestions:

An inclination we have that goes beyond our conscious awareness is to fear situations in which we have no control. Spending time listening to stories about the occult and the Tarot cards being wicked will do you no good either.

Tarot is a tool. It can only be used when one has good intentions, just like any other tool. Think of it as a knife. In the wrong hands, the knife can be used as a fatal weapon. That said, the Tarot cannot be employed as a deadly weapon, but it does alter your outlook and ideas to give you the positive outcome you want in life.

When learning the Tarot, a person should be open-minded. Do not pre-judge a situation or person. To learn or use the Tarot, you should avoid being gloomy and fearful by nature. On the other hand, if you are naturally positive and always optimistic, you may be amazed at the magical things the Tarot can show you while learning it.

6. What Tarot Deck do you use as a Tarot Reader? How did you come across it and why did you choose it?

Like most readers internationally, I use the Rider-Waite deck as my main deck. I have also used other decks from time to time, but I bought my deck at a bookstore. My students at Sarah May Low Tarot Academy start off with this deck too, and when they have already immersed themselves into the meaning of this deck, they can then move on to other decks and Angel Oracle card decks.

7. Do you have a favourite card—one that you most identify with, or most resonates with you—What would those be?

My favorite card is the Death card though it is most people’s most hated card. Many people dislike this card because of popular media and culture. But those who truly understand the meaning of the card know that it symbolizes “Transformation,” just like a Phoenix who has risen from the ashes, and it resonates with my life because at the worst moment of my life and lowest low that was where my pivotal life-changing moments happen. It was the most painful heartbreak of my life when I was pushed to learn the Tarot. I was desperately seeking answers, and those answers turned into Tarot being my life calling.

8. Why did you decide to become involved with the tradition of reading the Tarot? When you were growing up, was it always part of your environment, or did you discover it yourself?

As a kid, I had always been a scientific and data-driven person, but a part of me also believes in magic and miracles. I was a skeptic at first till life happens, and being an adult sucked – heartaches, betrayal, corporate drama, responsibilities, and many other tragedies drove me to find answers to the meaning of life. I would say that the Tarot not only changed my life but also saved me.

9. Where in this spectrum of Tarot philosophies do you place your own beliefs? Is it magical, or does it simply depend on whatever action is taken by the querent or seeker?

There are times when both philosophies can be correct. It depends on a person’s life stage and openness. The more one would practice using the cards, the more one’s intuition has a better chance to grow. Tarot can tell the current state of affairs in one’s life, but how it will reveal the future depends on each reading and whether the client does their homework. While the Tarot can be utilized in various ways for each individual, it is first necessary to discover specific methods used by a Tarot Reader. My tarot reading is more focused on the exact question I am asked. It’s common for an explanation to be included as part of the story. The best course of action is to just be open and ask for the direction, based on what must be known, and allow the cards and energies to determine the most satisfactory answer.

10. Have you encountered any job hazards or challenges as a professional Tarot reader? And how do you deal with the situations when they occur?

Even if the information isn’t necessarily pleasant, it’s rarely lousy information. The worst part of it is when someone asks the same question repeatedly, trying to trick you into answering in a certain way that serves their purposes. You call this cognitive bias. It’s hilarious because when we point out what they are doing, they invariably laugh, and we reach a new level of acceptance and understanding. The fact that one would want to seek help – be it from a tarot reader, doctor or psychologist, means that they are ready for change and want to be better. So, I am usually very tolerant, kind, and fair. The foolish ones are those that I do not meet because people who have zero self-reflection would never seek help or take accountability for their actions. In a way, the Universe is kind for sending great, inspiring souls that I can learn from and protects me as I don’t need to deal with negative people.

11. Describe the rites of your Tarot-card reading practice. Before or after the reading, would there be anything special you’d like to do? To what extent is your setting important in helping you be in your best/most comfortable state?

In most cases, I simply like to be sure that I will not be disturbed in a calm place. I do daily walks while listening to inspirational podcasts, meditation music, motivational talks, or the law of attraction videos which really help put me in a positive state of mind. I like winding down, watching Korean dramas, and eating my favorite food.

12. For new Tarot readers, what final words of wisdom would you offer?

I would say to anyone who has just joined the Tarot world – the more you practice, the more you will reveal your natural skills. Be patient and persevere with your practice to build a connection between your intuition and the cards so that the interaction becomes a fluid experience instead of something that you memorize out of a book. Rather than trying to study and interpret the cards yourself, simply lay them out on the table and let your intuition offer you a suggestion. Then, compare your interpretation to the book. As long as it’s aligned with the scenario or person you are reading, it is okay to use synonyms or attribute different meanings to your sentences.

How do your clients find you? Where is your office located? Where can they reach you online?

My studio office is located in Puchong Jaya, Selangor State, in Malaysia. International clients can visit my websites:

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They can also follow me through Facebook and Instagram: @sarahmaylow

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