Southeast Missouri Hypnosis Foundation brings Entertainment to Missouri, in Direct Hypnosis Events.

July 31 04:21 2021
Southeast Missouri Hypnosis Foundation brings substantial hypnosis to the table as a fantastic solution to combat anxiety and stress- through Direct Hypnosis Events.

JULY 30, 2021 – Southeast Missouri Hypnosis Foundation (SMHF), a Hypnosis Office in Farmington, MO whos services focus heavily on rapidly and effectively reducing Stress, Tension and Anxiety issues many people face each and every day. Through the Customized Services at their office, these Hypnosis Services have been used to create incredibly fun 1-1 Direct Hypnosis Events people can sign up for to learn all the basics of Hypnosis. These Events go from the very basics in how mind/body work together to learning how to relax and if people are adventurous… seeing how Hypnotic Phenomena work first hand. Small groups of 2-5 people and groups of 5-20 people are also accepted into the Direct Hypnosis Program.

SMHF created Direct Hypnosis Events to help individuals learn more about Hypnosis one on one, to understand how the mind and body work to create our reality and ultimately, share with people how Hypnotic Phenomena like a “hand stick” is used every day in the office to create powerful successful change for people wanting to Stop Smoking, Lose Weight or destroy Stress/Tension and Anxiety in a way no other method can. In addition to the fun, engaging process people become a part of, these events are recorded live for client and office use so people can have a recap of all the amazing, exciting fun they had. Patrons remark that this is the most fun they’ve had in along time. That this is something they cant wait to do with their friends again. The “excitement level created and built into the Event makes the entire thing memorable on so many levels” one person responded.

Not many entertainment venues can do or accomplish what Hypnosis does- and its obvious in the phenomena that is experienced and the incredibly relaxing process they enjoy the entire time as a result of it all. None of the experiences in Hypnosis can be recreated or enjoyed in any other medium unfortunately. So when people come to the table with an open mind- knowing they have complete control over everything, they are able to, just relax and enjoy the process. If someone was adventurous, they could move beyond the incredibly relaxing state they’re enjoying and experience the hypnotic phenomena first hand. Direct Hypnosis Events have been wildly successful in the Farmington, Ste. Genevieve and Cape Girardeau, MO areas, with people constantly asking to find out more. These have also been showcased in famous Hypnotist’s reviews, articles and postings on Youtube. Direct Hypnosis Events that SMHF put on have instantly become a phenomenal alternative to public events and group seminars- which has become a wise and prudent move- in 2021 with Corona issues at the forefront for everyone.

About Southeast Missouri Hypnosis Foundation:

SMHF was created in 2016 as a Clinical Hypnosis office in the Farmington, Ste. Genevieve, MO areas primarily providing Hypnosis Services across three areas: Stop Smoking, Weight Loss and Stress/Anxiety and Phobias.

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