Novable shows ways AI is taking startup scouting to the next level

August 26 01:21 2021
As Artificial Intelligence continues to make headway globally, Novable elucidates how AI could be leveraged for corporate venturing initiatives.

Top company Novable has led the charge in shedding light on how startup scouting can be much more efficient when adding Artificial Intelligence to the process. 

Olivier Beaujean, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Novable, laments that while databases and linking exist today, they are done in a traditional manner — that is, without technology or structure. 

Companies are left with a few options: subscriptions to a database platform, B2B events, and consulting. 

These methods, however, are not personalized and efficient since corporate strategies are very specific or can be very expensive.

In a bid to address this, AI-powered sourcing leads the way in serving firms looking for innovation. 

“Medium to large companies understood for most of them that one efficient path to innovation is to have proximity with startups and innovative companies. Not missing the early-stage startup or the fast-growing disruptive company is part of their competitive positioning within the market,” says Olivier.

Olivier says Artificial intelligence, when properly designed and trained, is able to instantly calculate the semantic distance between two matching ends: a firm’s innovation strategy on the one side and the startup context on the other side. 

This includes the capacity for the computer to process and understand complex, elaborated inputs that go far beyond keywords. 

Artificial Intelligence can make links and create context, says Olivier.

The more data is put in context around the company, the better its decisions will be. Adding data means reducing uncertainty proportionally. 

Since data is the raw material of AI, the computer makes links automatically between huge amounts of data sources.

Olivier stressed the need for businesses to turn to an AI-powered technology scouting machine that understands their unique strategy and finds the most relevant companies matching their exact needs.

Bringing Artificial Intelligence in innovation and startup scouting is like having a consultant in a machine, says Olivier, and it could make all the difference. 

Businesses looking to learn more about using AI to scout for trending startups may visit Novable for more information.

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