Chiropractor Perth Provides Effective Pain Relief for All Ages and Offers On-the-Spot HICAPS Reimbursement

August 26 14:09 2021
Established in 2006, Perth Chiro Centre is a family-oriented chiropractic clinic serving Perth, WA and its surrounding areas. It treats neck pain, lower back pain, bursitis, and other conditions. Pediatric and geriatric patients experience relief while reducing dependence on painkillers.

According to announcements released by Perth Chiro Centre and Dr. Mathew Farrugia, this chiropractor Perth uses safe and natural chiropractic treatments for pain relief. This family-oriented clinic treats neck pain, headaches, mid and lower back pain, bulging discs, bursitis, tennis elbow and other conditions. The non-invasive and drug-free treatments at this Perth chiropractor are a preferred alternative for those who wish to avoid painkillers and surgery. 

Perth Chiro Centre runs clinics in two locations – Wembley Downs and Greenwood. Both clinics are located at convenient distances from Perth neighbourhoods.

Graston Technique employed by the chiropractors at Perth Chiro Centre is an evidence-based procedure for soft tissue manipulation. It addresses scar tissue and fascial restrictions by using steel instruments and therapeutic exercises to detect and treat soft tissue fibrosis and chronic inflammation. This procedure reduces treatment time, facilitates quicker rehabilitation, reduces dependence on anti-inflammatory medicine, and can resolve chronic conditions. 

Treatment plans at this Perth chiropractor centre may include spinal/limb manipulation and mobilization, soft tissue therapy, traction and limited traction device, active supervision during injury rehabilitation, counselling, and much more. 

Neck pain is among the most common conditions that this clinic treats. Given the sedentary lifestyles and awkward seating in front of computers, this does not come as a surprise. The clinic treats both children and adults afflicted with neck pain that results from poor posture, whiplash injuries, sports injuries, ergonomically inappropriate seating equipment, etc.

The experienced chiropractors at Perth Chiro Centre designs a neck pain treatment plan based on the main contributing factor and the aggravating factors. Treatment may include cross friction massage, trigger point therapy, and dry needling. They know how to manipulate the soft tissue of the neck and the musculoskeletal system to address headaches, including migraines. 

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Dr. Mathew Farrugia of Perth Chiro Centre said, “Our fundamental goal is to alleviate your symptoms in minimal visits. We perform the adjustments in such a manner that will improve your mobility and posture, and ultimately, your life’s quality. We are honest and genuinely care about you and your musculoskeletal concerns. The health services we provide are patient-centred and evidence-based, so you have nothing to worry about. All of our patients are seen immediately. Since we don’t over-schedule appointments, there is no lengthy wait. Medicare Australia covers chiropractic treatments. Eligible patients can claim up to 5 visits per year for chiropractic and other allied health care services. If you have one or more chronic diseases, your GP starts preparing the management plan and passes it over to your chiropractor. Once the GP referral is obtained, you can claim the Medicare benefits. HICAPS facilities are available. Most WA private health insurance companies offer rebates for chiropractic services. These can be claimed on the spot with HICAPS.”

About the Centre:

For the past 15 years, Perth Chiro Centre has been the preferred chiropractic treatment clinic in and around Perth, WA. The chiropractor at this clinic treats men, women, pregnant women, children, and senior citizens. The non-invasive and drug-free procedures yield long-lasting results.

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