NHU won the first prize of Zhejiang Technology Invention Award for the second time

August 30 15:46 2021

“As a researcher, the happiest thing I can imagine is to apply my research results to the society.” Said Wang Yong, the deputy chief engineer of NHU. On June 15, the 2020 Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Award Conference was held in the People’s Great Hall in Zhejiang Province. The project of “Key Technology Innovation and Industrialization of Micro-nano Structure Control of Supported Catalysts”, jointly developed by NHU and Zhejiang University, won the first prize of Zhejiang Technology Invention Award. This is the second time that NHU won the first prize of the Zhejiang Technology Invention Award, the last time was in 2017.

This project is jointly developed and completed by NHU and Zhejiang University after more than 10 years of unremitting exploration. Mr. Wang Yong led the catalytic team and successfully broke through the technical bottlenecks and develop a series of high-performance hydrogenation catalysts with independent intellectual property rights, overcame the problem of the individual requirements of various hydrogenation reactions on the micro and nano structures of catalysts. The promotion and application of this project will help to foster a characteristic industrial cluster of vitamins and spices with complete industrial chain and leading technology, and make a significant contribution to promot the transformation and upgrading of the national fine chemical industry and the scientific and technological progress of the industry.

Catalyst technology is the core technology of chemical production and catalysts are used in the production of every product of NHU. It can be said that catalyst technology plays an important role in the development of NHU. Realizing the importance of catalyst technology, as early as August 2011, NHU began to cooperate with Wang Yong, a teacher from the Institute of Catalysis of Zhejiang University who just returned to China, to develop high-performance catalysts for NHU’s products. After nearly 3 years of cooperation, NHU got the hope of using catalyst technology to drive the company’s leapfrog development. Besides, Mr. Wang Yong also initially gained the happiness of practicing the basic research and in retune, NHU and Mr.Wang Yong  began to build a high level of trust on this basis.

NHU will take this honor as an opportunity to continue to be based on chemical synthesis and biotechnology forward-looking research, industrial research, applied technology research. Also, NHU is going to be on the main channel with an open mind, internal and external cooperation, give full play to the supporting and leading role of scientific and technological innovation in the economic development of the industry, make positive contributions to the high-quality development of the chemical industry, and create more sustainable value.

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