Never Forget: Remembering 9/11 Two Decades Later

August 31 10:12 2021
Books and Memorials Aims to Keep The Historical Relevance of September 11 Alive for Younger Generations.

The Justice Department recently announced that it would work toward providing families of 9/11 victims with more information about the run-up to the attacks as part of a federal lawsuit. The disclosure follows longstanding criticism from relatives of those who were killed in the incident. 

Exploring the good, bad and inspirational side of New York following the September 11th attacks, author David L. Suarez attempts to capture the multifaceted nature of The Big Apple in his book: Forever Twilight in New York. He states: “My book touches on and discusses multiple feelings we encounter and transforms us by possessing our behaviors and actions. Hate can be devastating and profoundly damaging. 9/11 was an act of hate at the highest level that we will never forget.”

In Love With The City That Never Sleeps 

Featuring a nameless main character who explores New York in over 230 pages, the author attempts to introduce the reader to an underappreciated side of the city. “New York is the kind of city that will amaze you every time you are there. Its buildings, people, lights, days, and nights are all profoundly unique—there is no need to go to another planet to feel like you are in another world.” – David L. Suarez. 

Written in multiple languages the book explores New York City from behind the lens with dramatic and unique angles. Each photo in the book is unique and portrays something about New York City, attempting to capture the energy and beauty native to the city. Suarez reveals that writing the book was a spiritual experience and recommends others should take up writing as well. The author elaborates: “It would help if you tired it one day: sit down in front of a white empty piece of paper and start writing a book. After you have written a few words, you will feel different. You will have done something that will stay there, for eternity.” The author has pledged a percentage of book proceeds towards aiding victims of 9/11 and their families. 

About the Author

David L. Suarez has over a decade and half experience in entertainment finance, acquisitions, distribution and executive film production with major projects that were distributed to domestic and international markets.  These entertainment projects required the development of financing strategies to raise capital through long-form and complex agreements. Mr. Suarez managed and dealt with teams from various fields from different countries. His various business dealings have resulted in him attending all major markets including Marche Du Film & MIP (France), EFM (Germany), Tiff (Canada), Busan (Korea), Filmart (HK), Shanghai and Beijing Market (China), Ventana Sur (Argentina), BAM (Colombia), NATPE and AFM (USA), and DISCOP (the Czech Republic and South Africa).

9/11 Museum Memorial to Launch “Never Forget” Fund

Before the 20th anniversary of 9/11, the National September 11 Memorial & Museum is intending to launch an initiative and fundraiser that will focus on teaching the history and significance of 9/11 to the younger generation. The Never Forget Fund aims to support educational programming for students and others, helping them to understand how the event shaped and changed the world. The initiative marks the 20th anniversary of September 11th and will include a commemorative ticket for admission, Alice Greenwald, the memorial and museum president and CEO, revealed in a media interview.  “This is a transitional moment,” Greenwald continues, pointing out that for millions of Americans the date is connected to a vivid memory etched into their minds, however this is not the case for the younger generation. “…For them, it’s history,” Greenwald explained. 

History to a Younger Generation

For many young people 9/11 is a subject learned secondhand. “It feels like something that we learned in history books, something like World War Two,” Christina Liu, 22, from New York City told the media. “It seems very distant to me, despite being an event that happened in my lifetime,” Liu explained. She found that she could not distinguish her memories of 9/11 from memories of a massive 2003 power outage dubbed the Great Northeast Blackout. 

However for older Americans the events of 9/11 seem to remain a vivid memory. In a survey ten years after the attacks, the Pew Research Center found that 97% of Americans who were 8 years old, or older, could remember exactly where they were when they heard the news. It is hoped that the significance and impact that September 11 had on America and the world can be kept alive and taught to the younger generation through books, memorials and “Never Forget” campaigns.

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