Electrify launches with incredible discounts for new buyers

August 31 12:28 2021
Electrify launches with incredible discounts for new buyers
See the SaaS product features solving customers needs and saving their time

Electrify is a software as a service (SaaS) product that claims to be the number one solution for scheduling new tweets every day and is going to launch on August 29th with an incredible discount for new buyers. 

The company explained that Electrify is an automation tool that helps build and grow customers online social media presence without having to spend hours and hours of manual work just to get the results needed to grow their company. Simply put tweets into Electrify instead of putting them directly on Twitter. Set the schedule and Electrify will send the tweets at the set times. For up to 10 tweets at a time Electrify is a great free Twitter automation software to get started. 

The founder of Electrify, Billy Darr is a familiar name in the market recently. He is known for his excellent digital products. Some of the products that helped him succeed such as Krown, Viper App, Xtreme, etc. He creates products that serve the needs of the user. They know him by his passion and enthusiasm for digital technology. Recently, with the help of his colleagues David Kirby & Al Cheeseman, he continued to launch a high-end digital product to serve customers.

Electrify prided on having packed features that make it so powerful which are the following below:

“100% REAL Followers + 100% Autopilot System – Never before has there been a software that gets customers 100% Real Twitter Followers on complete autopilot. A true set and forget solution to growing their Twitter account without any manual work. Very unique solution!”

“Automatic Image Curation & Posting – People on Twitter love good content and that’s exactly why we built into this the ability to automatically curate content from Instagram and Flickr to post super relevant images to your Twitter account based on the keywords and hashtags you select. Again, this is done on complete AUTOPILOT.”

“Automatic Video Curation & Posting – Videos are the #1 type of content being consumed today. Post a great video and you’ll see your tweets go viral like crazy. Shares, retweets and favourites will skyrocket for your content and you will build authority like no other, on complete autopilot – just select the tags according to your niche.”

“Follow highly relevant users – Find users by interest, full name, company name, location, or other criteria. Just enter a search query and Electrify will display a list of relevant users to follow. ex @user’s followers/friends, follow members of a Twitter list, follow by tweet and follow by user-bio search.”

“Unfollow undesirable users – Are there undesirable users who are following you, such as egg profiles, nasty avatars, or spammers? If so, you can use Electrify to unfollow those who add no value to you or crowd your timeline.”

“Add & Tweet Content from ANY Website with RSS Feed – It added a very cool RSS based content posting system that can curate content from any RSS feed you add and tweet content and links to those posts and generate amazing high-quality content from any source around the web. Once again, 100% Autopilot system.”

“Add UNLIMITED Content Sources – Like other software products that let you get content from just a few sources, Electrify lets you post content to your account from an unlimited number of videos, images and content sources. Mix and match the kind of content you like – 100% in your control.”

“Autopilot INCOME: Custom Promotion & Engagement Messages – What’s the point of all this if you cannot make money from your followers. That’s why we built the custom promotions and engagement section into this software that lets you add completely spinnable content in spintax format and post offers, affiliate promos and almost any kind of monetization system you want by way of regular tweets to your followers.”

“Strong TARGETING: Find and Follow Specific Type of People – TweetMachine will only follow and build followers that are targeted to your niche based on keywords and tags. Being able to have a targeted audience is the BEST kind of audience you can have. These targeted users take action on every offer or promotion you send out and they are REAL LEADS that you can generate a good income from on complete autopilot.”

“Completely HANDS-FREE Solution – Takes 2 minutes to Setup – If you ever wanted a solution that works without any manual effort, is completely hands-free and is super easy to set up, this is exactly what you need. You’ll get high quality, targeted followers on complete autopilot.”

The company further assured customers that Electrify maximizes content potential with rescheduling. Enabling customers to reschedule content and put it in front of new audiences, new times, new views. Also publish content once, twice, or more with an end date of their choosing.

To learn more about Electrify and get new launch discounts and bonuses, Please Go Here or visit the Product Page Here

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