The Eight Visions Of Revelation By The Spiritual Scholar And Writer, Dr. H. Lawrence Zillmer, Is A Guiding Light For Individuals

September 01 14:51 2021
Lawrence Zillmer, a formal attendant at the Lutheran Bible Institute, shares his views about spirituality and the words of God that got revealed upon Jesus to transfer to humans.

Lindale, TX, USA – Having thoughtful insights about religion since childhood, Dr. H. Lawrence Zillmer is the author of The Eight Visions of Revelation. Through his writings, he opens up a pathway of transcendental illumination of souls by discussing the ways to possible spiritual growth and development in his book. He aims to spread the message of God, Yahweh Jireh – the God who gives, as named by Abraham. According to him, the eight visions to guided blessings get presented to the world in a lyrical theatre style, a fine art form. By following on these, every binding servant of Jesus, however modest, receives a blessing when hearing or reading these precious words.

Dr. Zillmer was a spiritualist since birth. Although his parents were never religious, he always had that soulful perception, and that is why when a Lutheran minister approached him to join the confirmation class, he agreed immediately. During his studies, the writer learned about the story of God granting wisdom to Solomon. He also prayed for his guidance. After joining traditional schools and colleges, he enrolled at the Lutheran Bible Institute as a transfer student. Over there, he first encountered the older, original version of the last Revelation that ignited the fuel for his book: The Eight Visions of Revelation. He furthered his studies in philosophy, arts, and literary subjects, after which he entered into 40 years of coach-debating, teaching, designing, directing, and acting in more than a hundred plays. At the same time, he taught various religious courses. He had immense interest in these topics.

The author has always had a sense of a savior during his entire lifetime. His connection with God is superficial as he credits the Lord for all the blessings in his life and associates the mistakes with himself. According to him, God has always played a crucial role in his life for forgiveness and relearning. The Holy Spirit always guided him to the best path. For this particular reason, through his interpretation of the blessed words of God, in The Eight Visions of Revelation, the writer spreads awareness of the wisdom. In his eight visions, God presented the sustenance that one needs to sanctify, expand spirituality, and guide the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. According to the writer, God will continue to shower his blessings upon those who sincerely seek the Truth of God.

The book is a source of empowerment for the servants of Jesus who need spiritual enlightenment to complete the journey of life. As revealed in the Holy writings, those who read, write, and pay attention to the Holy Message are blessed. Only thoughtful consideration of His words is the top-secret to a better spiritual word inside humans, and this is what Dr. Zillmer delivers in his exceptionally mystical piece of writing in The Eight Visions of Revelation.

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