Orcauboat Waters Cleaning Robots, brings new market opportunities

September 01 16:45 2021

The application of 5G has promoted the rapid development of artificial intelligence and accelerated the development of unmanned intelligent robots. However, compared with the rapid development of aerial drones and land-based autonomous driving, unmanned ships lack phenomenal products and applications in terms of technology and applications, and the surface unmanned driving track has great potential.

1. Who is Orcauboat?

Orcauboat focuses on the research and business of surface unmanned driving technology and Waters surface cleaning robot (see picture 1). Till now, Orcauboat is one of the most widely used with largest units in active waters cleaning serivce in the world.

2. What is Orcauboat doing?

Orca-Uboat is committed to providing integrated solutions for intelligent (unmanned) maintenance and management of urban waters.

Waters intelligent maintenance and management by Orcauboat robots: Mainly providing 3 robots-SMURF、 TITAN、TITAN(mowing)with cloud analysis platform. Focusing 3 functions-water surface sanitation(cleaningmowingso on)

“Smart Ship” direction – Mainly focusing on the smart scene of unmanned cruise ships, launch a series of standard products and renovation projects for unmanned cruise ships (see pic 2), promote the diversification of water surface smart city transportation, enrich water activities, and improve transportation efficiency.

3. Why do Orcauboat do this?

#Huge market scale for waters cleaning and maintance.

There are currently 200 billion square meters of urban waters in China, and there is an annual water area cleaning service market of about 120 billion. With urban expansion, newly added offshore sanitation and environmental protection standards, the market space is increasing year by year, and compared with terrestrial sanitation competition, the surface sanitation is currently in a blue ocean state.

#Oceans and waters are facing unprecedented garbage pollution

Every year, 76% of out-of-control plastics in the world will land on rivers. Under the impact of sunlight, wind and waves, and a variety of organisms, they will release toxic substances at high speeds and erode the water ecosystem. What the Orcauboat unmanned ship has to solve is how to quickly capture the floating objects on the water surface in the first time, prevent them from dispersing everywhere, and maintain the safety of the water ecosystem.

#Labor shortage and expensive

The number of sanitation workers is small, they are old, wages are high, and work scene is very risky.

#Unmanned water surface is Feasible

The water surface is closed scene, there is no hidden danger of safety policy, no need for license and other policy means, and the efficiency cost can be quickly calculated manually, which can be quickly implemented, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

4. What is Orcauboat’s core product?

At present, in terms of intelligent water maintenance, Orcauboat has launched three major products: SMURF20 unmanned cleaning boat, TITAN100 unmanned cleaning boat, TITAN unmanned mowing boat, in order to deal with the governance and maintenance of the global water area. Realize the landing and realization of the solution.


SMURF unmanned cleaning boat

An unmanned waters cleaning robots that is used in open, closed/semi-closed water scenarios and meets the water surface cleaning needs of parks, scenic spots, parks, large reservoirs, offshore waters and other water scenarios.

Core functions: unmanned cleaning, water area inspection, data monitoring, automatic charging


TITAN unmanned cleaning boat

TITAN unmanned cleaning boat is a surface service robot that integrates surface garbage cleaning, water quality detection, intelligent inspection and other functions. It can collect 100kg of garbage. The main application scenarios are urban inland rivers, reservoirs, landscape lakes and other waters.

Core functions: garbage cleaning, dry and wet separation, water quality detection, intelligent route planning, full load of garbage and return


TITAN unmanned mowing boat

TITAN unmanned mowing boat has functions such as fully automatic waterweeds harvesting, water surface cleaning, and water quality inspection. The main application scenarios are lakes, inland rivers and other waters.

Core functions: waterweeds harvesting, water quality inspection, intelligent route planning, full load of garbage and return

In addition, in order to truly realize the “unmanned” operation of unmanned surface boat in waters, Orcauboat independently developed a modular shore-based charging device, which is applied to the Oka Zhibo SMURF unmanned cleaning boat series products. It realizes the automation and unmanned operation of the entire unmanned ship charging process, reduces maintenance costs, and is safe and convenient to use.

Compared with traditional manual or semi-automatic mechanized water surface cleaning methods, Orcauboat unmanned cleaning boat has the following 5 significant advantages:

1) Feasible cost

Compared with the manual method, the Orcauboat unmanned cleaning boat saves 60% of the cost, and compared with the semi-automatic mechanization method, the cost is saved by 30%

2) Fully intelligent real-time work

Traditional manual and semi-automatic mechanization require manual intervention for 6h/day, while the Oka Zhiship unmanned ship only requires manual intervention for 0.5h/day (charging/garbage dumping), and can work autonomously during the rest of the time, all-day online.

3) Standard quality

It is not affected by the working conditions and attitudes of employees. It is cleaned with machines. The work quality is very standard. It is simple and intelligent to operate. There is no skill requirement for personnel. One person can control multiple ships at the same time, and work efficiency and quality are improved several times.

4) Value-added services

Orcauboat unmanned cleaning boat, as the “new terminal for water area” while cleaning the water area, it is equipped with water quality monitoring (5 parameters, 7 parameters), water depth measurement, underwater surveying and mapping, water surface intelligence according to customer data management needs Various sensors, such as patrol inspection, provide diversified data detection value-added services.

5) Safe and worry-free

Fully automatic working mode, to realize the replacement of water cleaning business, prevent drowning accidents of staff, liberate the management energy of managers, and realize digital management.

In addition to the intelligent water maintenance track,on the “Smart Ship” track, Orcauboat focus on the smart scene of unmanned cruise boat, launch the standard products and transformation project of Uboat unmanned cruise boat, promote the traffic diversification of water smart city, enrich water activities and improve traffic efficiency.

5. Application Cases

At present, Orcauboat has provided services for many well-known waters in China such as Shanghai Bund, lotus pond of Tsinghua University, Shaanxi state guesthouse, Wuhan Shahu and Xi’an Moat, etc. And Orcauboat have launched strategic cooperation with major customers in industries such as Tiger Whale, Qidi city service, XCMG environment, BEWG, Wanhua Real state and so on. At the same time, the Orcauboat unmanned cleaning boat has been extended to hundreds of waters in more than 50 cities and 10 countries such as the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Spain, Thailand and Singapore, with a total sailing mileage of more than 400000 kilometers.

6. What kind of partner is Orcauboat looking for?

Have dreams and pursuits, and hope to make achievements in water environmental protection.

Familiar with water environmental protection and trade industry, and relevant cooperation with domestic enterprises is preferred.

Based on honesty and trustworthiness, and long-term value of customers and industry first.

Have an insight into market strategy and have local customer relations or project cooperation resources.

7. Why cooperate with Orcauboat

#Strong product strength

1) The number of products landed in the industry is the first, with intelligence, stability and high cost performance. It has incomparable product advantages in the unmanned cleaning boat track;

2) More than 80 employees provided backstage support, timely responded to various product schemes, technical support and after-sales service, and quickly landed without worry;

#Brand Empowerment

1. As the leader of unmanned cleaning boats, Oka Zhibo has the blessing of national first-line investment institutions and top university background funds. It has served a number of well-known domestic and foreign companies and governments. Cooperation with Oka will bring customer into smart sanitation. The circle layer and the robot technology layer, technology and industry double empower the brand, and enhance the company’s influence in the water environment conservation, water environmental protection and other industries.

2. Gather media power every month to conduct joint publicity to enhance brand awareness.

3. Participate in international exhibitions and forums many times a year to empower partners to develop their business.

#Business model upgrade

Under the traditional manual operation mode, the profit margin of water sanitation projects will be smaller and the service will be more and more difficult. In the digital and intelligent transformation period of the whole industry, Ouka’s unmanned cleaning boat will help customer quickly. Realize the intelligent transformation from manual operation to unmanned operation, and quickly obtain more water area service business through low-cost, high-efficiency, unmanned, and intelligent operation mode.

8. What support can Orcauboat provide?

1) Market protection: exclusive area protection.

2) Cash incentive: rebates on sales volume, incentives for major demonstration projects.

3) Channel profit: supply right of subordinate dealers.

4) Operation guidance: market analysis, industry analysis and optimization suggestions.

5) Targeted Optimization: absorb product improvement opinions from agents and continuously optimize the application scenarios.

6)Team support: Provide systematic product and solution training services to cultivate and empower customer’s team for smart transformation.

9. Contact Orcauboat

Welcome everyone to join Orcauboat city partner program. If interested and meet the above conditions, please contact Orcauboat by email.

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