Top Norwegian brand SØMLØS releases high-end robot lawn mower SØMLØS G1s

September 03 01:24 2021
The Norwegian company is out to revolutionize the industry after unveiling SØMLØS G1s, its second-generation lawn mower equipped with smart app automatization and the latest technology.

Norwegian brand SØMLØS has released its second-generation robot lawnmower, SØMLØS G1s, equipped with the latest technology and smart app automatization. 

Andreas Haneborg, the SØMLØS co-founder, says the global market for robotic lawn mowers is currently growing at an annual rate of more than 12 percent, and it’s becoming more common seeing these machines working in the neighborhood. 

“The idea of having a carpet-like lawn is everybody’s dream realized. And for you to get that flawless look on your lawn, you’ll have to invest time and energy or simply invest in a robot lawn mower,” explains Andreas. 

Utilizing the latest technology, the SØMLØS G1s is an electric robot lawn mower with 0% emissions. Individuals can set up the application on their phones, schedule the mower, and set the mowing pattern in a breeze. 

It is also entirely configurable via a user-friendly control panel that lets users adjust the cutting height, frequency, and duration, allowing them to tailor the look of their lawn.

The robotic mower cuts the grass into fine clippings, and it mows much more frequently than the traditional mower.  

“If you’re mowing regularly, clippings won’t be a problem. They’ll be short enough to disappear into the lawn. It’s best to let the clippings drop into the lawn as opposed to bagging them because it acts as a natural fertilizer for your lawn,” explains Andreas. 

The ingenious device supports bringing the nutrients back to the soil, which saves homeowners money and helps the environment at the same time. The result is a more even lawn with a carpet-like feeling.  

“The result is impressive. The blades of grass are neatly cut off, the clippings remain in place and serve as a future source of nutrients,” wrote in a review.  

While most robot lawn mowers have a noise level of 60-65dB, the SØMLØS G1s robotic mower has a noise level of 57 DB, making it one of the quietest Robot Lawn Mowers in the market.  

While it might not sound like a huge difference, following the “3dB-rule,” where every 3dB change represents a doubling or halving of sound energy, the difference is quite significant. 

In general, robot lawn mowers are smaller than traditional mowers. SØMLØS G1s stands out from the crowd as it is designed to be an invincible extension of outdoor space. The combination of Deep Onyx Grey and Medi Beige gives a natural yet elegant look outdoors.

Andreas says the robotic lawn mower is also cheaper to maintain. Homeowners only need a brush and a damp cloth to clean the underside of the device. They have to check the blades or variables that may be stuck on the device to ensure that the robot mower works at its best.  

The device is equipped with a PIN & Alarm System, lift & tilt sensors and bump sensors. These features ensure the robot itself is not toyed with or stolen while in operation or while charging to ensure that no one is harmed while away at work.

The product is already making waves in the global market after earning massive recognition from prominent publications all over Europe. 

It has recently found its way into Pocket Lint’s list of top 6 robot lawn mowers of 2021, together with the leading robot lawn mowers in the industry.

“Although this brand may sound unknown to some people in our country, the Norwegian company SØMLØS is synonymous with quality and attention to detail.” wrote in a review.

Those who want to learn more about SØMLØS G1s may visit the website for more information. 

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