Candi Rose, Millionaire Flipper, Shares Her Golden Rules For Entering The World Of Motivational Speaking

September 24 17:51 2021
Candi Rose is an experienced motivational speaker who has become an expert in her industry. Now, she is using her skills to help others.

Barcelona, ES – Candi Rose, of Millionaire Flipper, found her true passion in motivational speaking. Now, she is sharing her secrets on the critical skills required to succeed in the industry.

After suffering through adversity, Candi Rose built a successful real estate career that helped her out of rock bottom. Her real estate career includes providing high-end, short-term rentals for Airbnb and the film industry and luxury, one million dollar new builds; her most expensive project was 2.6 million dollars. With such success under her belt, Candi Rose has chosen to share her success through mentoring and motivational speaking, realizing that helping others is her true passion.

Candi Rose has several golden rules for those entering the world of motivational speaking. These include developing ideas to create unique content and convey a message that moves people. Additionally, Candi Rose recommends identifying an ideal audience and testing any speaking content on them. In doing so, Candi Rose advises that individuals will find their specialty and begin to reach people; reaching people online is a great place to start and is readily available to give motivational speakers access to their target audience. Motivational speakers can also market themselves online to find opportunities for speaking engagements. Finally, Candi Rose says good speaking skills are a must. Practice is a must, and speaking mentors like Candi Rose can provide valuable coaching.

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About Candi Rose, Millionaire Flipper

Candi Rose, of Millionaire Flipper, is a motivational speaker, real estate investor, and mentor. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Candi Rose has since moved to Spain after achieving success in the Real Estate industry. From dropping out of college and hitting rock bottom, Candi Rose has battled through adversity to become an expert who has made millions throughout her career. Now, she is helping others by running her company remotely and offering her support to students online. In addition, she has written two books, learned Spanish, and built an impressive real estate career.

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