The One Project: A Collaborative, Constructive and Benevolent Moral Path to the Survival of Humanity

September 24 17:57 2021
Collaboration, Creativity, and Generosity are the three pillars of a moral code that will ensure human survival for generations to come.

Morality, as per Bentham, is the skill of pleasure or happiness; this can be seen by accomplishing a happy and positive presence for all. Morals are the laws that individuals use to direct their mind and behavior once confronted with or capable of differentiating between good and bad. Moral values in society are crucial since they protect life and honor the dual principles of one’s self as well as the lives of others. No matter who we are, where we come from, or what we are about, we all owe a moral responsibility to future generations and other species to keep the planet conducive to life. The decisions and actions we take today will have profound effects on future generations. A sustainable lifestyle means making moral decisions that ensure a safe and happy future for all. The same thought motivates Stephen Ridley, a transformation expert, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Chartered Certified Accountant, and has an MBA majoring in technology management to develop project One, which upholds communal values and transformation by connecting collaborative and moral projects that benefit humanity across all cultures, faiths and belief systems.

The Book of the One is a trilogy of books, including The Book of Life, The Book of Intention, and The Book of Outcomes. Each book contains themes unique to them. They carry the essence of collaborative, constructive, and sustainable moral codes for humanity to follow. The Book of Life helps people dwell on the origins of their creation, all who choose to make use of the Book of Life will experience a reconnection with The One, the sole Source of creation. The Book of Intention is a personal voyage of discovery and ascension through The Gates of Light. The Book of Outcomes is a road map for humanity’s survival, allowing all beliefs, communities, and scientific disciplines dedicated to the collective good to come together and thrive as One by sharing their core beliefs. The trilogy establishes that Collaboration, Constructiveness, and Benevolence are all core beliefs that come together to produce a perpetual cycle of morality and fate. As a result, the One project serves as the most effective road map for bringing about a shift in human consciousness.

The One Project aims to define global morality and values that will lead to a shift in human consciousness or the start of a new era. It encourages collaborative, constructive, and altruistic projects that benefit the entire human race, uniting people of all faiths in the power of love and guaranteeing the long-term sustainability and viability of human life on Earth. It advocates for a ‘zero-growth economic model, making the effective utilization of the resources possible to end global poverty and hunger while also reversing the ecological crisis caused by greed. The One Project is the cornerstone upon which the common good’s values and products are built.

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