T&T Scientific Launches the World’s Best Manufacturing Platform for Nanomedicine Genetic Therapeutics and RNA (mRNA) Vaccines

October 01 19:04 2021
T&T Scientific Launches the World’s Best Manufacturing Platform for Nanomedicine Genetic Therapeutics and RNA (mRNA) Vaccines

On Sep 27th, Nima Tamaddoni, the CEO at T&T Scientific announces its revolutionary manufacturing platform for Nanomedicine Genetic Therapeutics and RNA (mRNA) Vaccines such as COVID-19 vaccines.

The Chief Executive Officer at T&T Scientific, Dr. Nima Tamaddoni, made this announcement live. He emphasized: “It is a true honor and pleasure to push the NanoSizer FLOW GMP to the finish line and launch it. We started this platform to help millions of people reaching lifesaving gene therapeutics and vaccines the fastest with the highest quality and lowest cost possible. Either you are a small company or a large pharmaceutical manufacturer, or a formulation company, this platform provides a reliable, low-cost, high quality, high throughput solution in a very high range (100mL-500L+) of operation for the cGMP manufacturing of therapeutics and vaccines nanomedicines. We believe this is truly, and precisely the best nanomedicine manufacturing technology in the market. The team at T&T Scientific is excited to contribute to saving lives by preventing and curing diseases with novel gene therapeutics and vaccines. This technology specifically and precisely adds value to the market to help the entire world access much-needed lifesaving disease prevention and treatments. Big thanks to our team and everyone involved in this technology that puts significant time and cares into getting to this point.”

Some of the clear competitive advantages can be listed as below:

  • No Strings Attached: Customers and clients do not pay licensing or royalty fees for purchasing
  • Scalable in a Wide Range: It covers high scale processing with the smallest footprint unit from 100mL to 500L+ (Continuous and Batch Modes)
  • Low Cost: Significantly Lower Cost
  • High Quality: Low PDI and High Encapsulation Efficiency (EE%)
  • Quality Control Options: Pressure and Flow Rate Measurement
  • Small Footprint and Bench Top
  • Post-processing Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) and Sterile Filtration Compatible

Alex Aust, MS, MBA, the director of business development at T&T Scientific, then presented live the demonstration of the technology with mRNA LNP production, which can be seen at:

T&T Scientific’s future effort is to complete this technology with whole downstream filtration, including tangential flow filtration and downstream sterile filtration into fill and finish technologies, all in a closed system. T&T also offers services for contract development and manufacturing services from preclinical to commercial manufacturing.

It is important to note that T&T technology comes with full quality validation and qualification packages for GMP operation, and no royalty or licensing is required for customers to pay at any time. Once the unit is purchased, it will be all yours. This is a clear and competitive advantage to help the world use these systems anywhere from small to large pharmaceutical laboratories and manufacturing lines to site fields in Africa. This system can be set up, qualified, and validated for much-needed manufacturing of lifesaving therapeutics and vaccines.

– Contact Name: Nima Tamaddoni, Ph.D.

– Company name: T&T Scientific Corp.

– City & State: Knoxville, TN

– Email address: [email protected]

– Website URL: www.ttscientific.com/flow

– Phone # 888-998-2638

– Target countries: United States, Germany

– YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgPC-95Z24U

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Company Name: T&T Scientific Corp.
Contact Person: Nima Tamaddoni, Ph.D
Email: Send Email
Phone: 888-998-2638
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Country: United States
Website: www.ttscientific.com/flow