A new generation of Brazilian business leaders

October 02 00:30 2021
By: Nelson Dos Santos

Orlando, FL – Fabiana De Camargo Mendes has become the new Executive Officer of Sunflower Industria one of Brazil’s largest nutraceutical companies.  Mendes (26) is part of new wave of Brazilian youth occupying top executive positions in sectors ranging from consumer goods to technology. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s business friendly policies have paved the way for sectors driven by millennials to multiply in just a few years.

Fabiana is an example of entrepreneurs under 30 making a mark in Brazil’s economy. As an administrator fo Sunflower a company founded by her father and grandmother she is credited for obtaining a distribution patent from that country’s government for the ingredient phosphoethanolamine (Phospho). Her savy work made Sunflower Latin America’s only large-scale distributer of Phospho, revealed Brazil’s National Institute of Industrial Property.

“Fabiana things outside the box, she is always asking questions, pushing the staff of engineers and developers to think beyond what they know as definitive, she asks big questions and gets big answers,” says Rosangela Rodrigues.

In late 2015, a trend took shape in Brazil in which patients purchased large amounts of phospho pills from research labs and universities. The Brazilian government ordered the ceasing of production of the ingredient for fear that the drug might do more harm than good. Yet, demand for the compound remained high, Mendes decided to work witht the regulators, consumers and Sunflower’s team of professionals to develop a safe way to prduce and provide phosphor. After many long years, it all finally paid off. Today 48% of Sunflower’s revenue comes from phosphor related products.

“I think that behind every challenge is a lucrative opportunity, you just have to be patient and dig until you find it,” shared Mendes who speaks three languages and has studied in the US.

In a communication release, Sunflower points to Mendes’ acumen for innovation and successfully tapping into new markets and demographics as the reason for selecting her as the company’s new executive officer.

“Sunflower Industria recognizes that today’s fitness sector is led by youtubers, influencers and young people, therefore we need someone with the company experience and foresight, Fabiana is that person.

Mendes is by far the first 20-something to reach the top of an industry. Brazil’s youth is inspired by entrepreneurs like Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin and 19-year-old jewelry businesswoman Yamê Villas. Mendes is in good company and inspiring many more.

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