Dr. Krause unveils an innovative, revolutionary ingrown toenail treatment

October 02 06:24 2021
Dr. Krause aims to become a game-changer in the industry by bringing the only ingrown treatment product on the market that provides pain-free relief without surgery or expensive doctor visits.

Dr. Krause has unveiled a revolutionary ingrown toenail removal product that seeks to save individuals hundreds in medical bills. 

An ingrown toenail is a usual problem resulting from different etiologies, including nail trimming, poorly fitted footwear, hyperhidrosis, and obesity. It happens when the side or top corner of the toenail develops into the flesh next to it.

“That’s where our innovative treatment comes into the picture. Our ingrown toenail treatment product provides instant relief, with individuals expressing their fascination at how fast and easy it is to eliminate ingrown toenails,” says Dr. Krause.

The Dr. Krause ingrown toenail removal provides an innovative-free solution. It’s the only ingrown toenail treatment product on the market that offers pain-free relief without surgery or expensive doctor visits.

The ingrown toenail treatment assures full recovery in 30 days. Within just a few weeks, individuals report that their nails are growing out straight and healthy again. They only need to follow Dr. Krause’s easy step-by-step instructions, which is available on the Dr. Krause Store online, and they will be on their way to having pain free-feet in no time.

The highly-rated ingrown toenail tool currently enjoys 1,340 ratings on top e-commerce platform Amazon, with individuals commending the Dr. Krause team for bringing an innovative product that actually works.

In a review, Jeremy Marshall said as someone who has tried multiple products to address his ingrown toenail, the product serves as the single best-ingrown toenail treatment system that he has tried.

“In the past, other braces would fall off after one day, if not after a few hours, and I’ve tried all sorts of glues to get the braces to stay, but to no avail. In the end, these products were no more effective than placing tissue under the nail,” Jeremy wrote in a review.

To treat his ingrown toenail, Jeremy said he needed a strong brace that would stay in place. He is currently wearing a Dr. Krause brace that has been on for over a month. 

“In that time, I’ve seen a massive reduction in swelling, and I can actually put weight on the toe. I’ve also lightly bumped the toe up against household objects while walking,” Jeremy adds.

On the other hand, Jan R. said he struggled with an ingrown toenail for years. He finally had the surgery, but one side of his toenail grew curved and angled toward the middle after that. 

“I was skeptical when I tried the Dr. Krause product. However, after the first time, I saw an improvement. It worked. My nail was straight and more normal-looking. If my doctor had told me about this first, I wouldn’t have needed the surgery,” Jan wrote in a separate review.

Sparked by the simple idea that people deserve something better, Dr. Krause said the company continues to push the principles of podiatry science by combining innovative materials with cutting-edge technologies to help individuals get the most out of every step. 

Those who want to learn more about the Dr. Krause ingrown toenail tool may visit the Dr. Krause Store on Amazon for more information.

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