John Hayes of Balyo Reports Warehouse Workers Not Being Replaced by AGVs

October 04 08:42 2021
John Hayes of Balyo Reports Warehouse Workers Not Being Replaced by AGVs

John Hayes, Director of Sales at BALYO, a technological leader in the design and development of innovative robotic solutions for material handling trucks, recently explained automation in automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are not replacing all warehouse workers. Read the Quality Digest article here.

In an interview with Dirk Dusharme, host of Quality Digest’s QDL and editor in chief of Quality Digest, the conversation extended beyond the automation hype and into how automation and various technologies like AGVs impacts workers. Companies that manufacture these more and more sophisticated equipment must consider the social impacts.

Hayes shared, “AGV technology has advanced since the 50s. The state of the art is being pushed by sensor technology, such that today’s vehicles do more than simply follow a line on the floor. Technology has advanced to a point where rigid infrastructure is no longer needed to tell the vehicle where it is or understand how to get from point to point. That has advanced, and it continues to advance.”

“AGVs and AMRs are replacing human workers for some types of jobs, but we’re a long way from a computer’s ability to think through the challenges of day-to-day intralogistics operations. The jobs that will go away will be the low hanging fruit for automation. Those are point-to-point transport of goods from an end of aisle to the dock door, from the dock door into the truck,” added Hayes.

About BALYO:

BALYO transforms standard forklift trucks into standalone intelligent robots thanks to its breakthrough proprietary Driven by Balyo™ technology. The geoguidance navigation system developed by BALYO allows vehicles equipped with the system to locate their position in real-time and navigate autonomously inside buildings/warehouses. Within the automated handling vehicle market, BALYO’s 2021 outlook includes the acceleration of profitable growth after the successful implementation of a more efficient and autonomous commercial strategy. BALYO will pursue efforts to accelerate sales in 2021, including the addition of John Hayes, a well-respected and experienced industry thought-leader, as Director of US Sales to grow North American business development. The anchoring of new operational drivers, commercial partnerships forged with integrators, and commercial autonomy through technological developments will uniquely position BALYO in 2021 and beyond.

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