Entrepreneur and Pro Pickleballer Dike Ajiri Provides Scholarship Fund for Minorities

October 04 13:39 2021
Entrepreneur and Pro Pickleballer Dike Ajiri Provides Scholarship Fund for Minorities

Dike Ajiri
Dike Ajiri Spoke About the Scholarship to a Large Crowd

Education is the key to success, but there are difficulties involved in pursuing it, especially for minority students. The pressure, challenges, and increasing educational cost in America has been a growing problem, and racial inequality is one of the main challenges facing students in the United States.  Dike Ajiri, who also passed through the same struggle before becoming a successful entrepreneur, has decided to give back to the community through his scholarship fund for racial equality. He has organized a meeting to share to more people about the ongoing scholarship fund and to create awareness about the issues of racial disparity.

“People have been wondering about the application process for the scholarship, and students have been deliberating on the topic, so I decided to make the information public through this meeting. An applicant for the Dike Ajiri Scholarship for Racial Equality must first confirm their eligibility by checking through our official page at https://dikeajirischolarship.com. Also, the person must provide their Full name, phone number, email address, residential address, GPA, Personal Bio, Current University enrolled, Name of High School, and Graduation Date. After providing these pieces of information, the person has to prepare an essay, and we will choose the winner.  The performance in the essay will determine who will get the funding.  For complete details just head over to the scholarship page,” said Mr. Ajiri.

“Hopes are high, and expectations are always great while in school, but the excessive pressure and educational cost can make one unable to concentrate. We are against racial disparity and have opened this scholarship application to create awareness and to improve on these issues in the United States,” Added Dike Ajiri.

Dike has faithful partners who have the same spirit as him in helping people to have equal opportunity, to ensure students in the United States do not suffer due to lack of funding.  One of the partners, said “We expect every applicant to be either currently a University student in America or a High school student planning to enroll in the University for higher learning. The application process starts by emailing a response to the question: “Discuss ways that the legal system in America could be improved to create opportunity for all races. The essay writing is expected to be in Word Doc and must be forwarded to [email protected] and attached with the pieces of information listed out by the CEO.”

There was a roar of cheers from members in attendance, and a happy participant with exceeding happiness said, “I am happy with the exciting offer from Mr. Ajiri and ready to get involved with the scholarship fund. I am also ready to communicate with other students about the ongoing offer and how they can benefit from it. Hopefully, more people will be interested in taking advantage of the scholarship, and we can generate more awareness to achieve equal opportunity for all and end racial disparity.”

To learn more about the Dike Ajiri Scholarship for Racial Equality, check the official scholarship page. The right place to find the information on how to go about applying for the funding is at https://dikeajirischolarship.com/dike-ajiri-scholarship/.

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