Ivy Camps USA rolls out new after-school classes to help children gain skills outside of the school day

October 04 14:27 2021
Ivy Camps USA provides innovative online after-school Ivy classes that promote collaborative learning and hands-on classroom activities.

Ivy Camps USA has ramped up efforts to provide online after-school classes that provide students with exciting, challenging, and different experiences to help them learn. 

“Powerful learning experiences take place outside of the school day. That’s where Ivy Camps USA comes into the picture. We lead the charge in offering after-school classes that leverage students’ strengths to support them collaborate in their communities, inspire motivation, and succeed at school,” says Hannah Garcia, Assistant Director of Marketing & Development at Ivy Camps USA.

For instance, in their science classes, children get a hands-on experience by building boats and sharing them in the online class. These boats are then tested and the experimental results are shared with the class. This approach helps campers’ educational experience by showing them real-life applications of the theories they learn at school. 

In Ivy Camps USA’s Design Cities with Legos program, Joshua, one of the students in the camp, used his understanding of urban planning to design an amazing Rainbow City. In the class, Joshua learned all about sustainability, essential infrastructure, the needs and wants of a community, and more.

“Actively engaging in class allows students to take in more information and build on their skills. At Ivy Camps USA, we work hard to provide an interactive class experience for our students,” Hannah stressed.

Bella, a student who enrolled for the Mastering YouTube Content Creation class, created a tasty ocean-themed cake filled with incredible decorations for her YouTube channel. Students learn through hands-on activities and content creation, allowing them to produce appealing and awe-inspiring content that boosts their creativity and problem-solving skills.

Parents with future doctors at home can enroll their kids on Ivy Camps USA’s Science of Life, a 10-week semester program. Campers get to learn from Ivy League and other top 10 instructors. The program combines the following classes to help students develop a deeper understanding of life sciences: Tour the Human Body, Backyard Biology: Exploring Plants & Animals, and Ice Water & Steam: How H2O Powers Life.

Parents are allowed to sit in on courses, but it’s not required. They can trust that Ivy Camps USA’s expert Program Leads will keep their children active and engaged during the duration of the entire course. 

In every class and camp, the Ivy Camps USA team leads the way in tutoring and guiding students toward mastery in a wide variety of scholastic and artistic endeavors.

Parents can check out the entire list of programs offered by Ivy Camps USA by visiting its website. They can also schedule a one-on-one free consultation with a program advisor or take a sample class.

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