Deal matchmaker, Pitchagon, launches digital platform that Could Revolutionize Startups Access to Fundings

October 05 07:06 2021

Pitchagon has launched its digital platform that helps connect investors seeking to diversify their portfolios in the tech industry with tech startups that require seed funding or venture capital to take their businesses to the next level.

The company which promises to be the next tech unicorn offers investors access to its international digital marketplace where they can sieve through a compiled list of pre-qualified tech startups researched and screened by Pitchagon’s dedicated Human Research department.

Speaking on the company’s mission, the CEO expressed optimism that the startup is headed in the right direction and has all that’s needed to compete and possibly surpass already established industry players.

“We’re aiming at becoming the number one data and information provider within the Investment industry,” says Daniel Antonsson, CEO and one of the founders of Pitchagon.

Pitchagon will rely on its research data and also that of top financial institutions to arm investors with all the relevant details they require to make efficient financial decisions.

“It’s easy to think that we will be the matchmakers in the tech industry and that day will certainly come, but we’re born out of the idea that data and information are crucial when making big investment decisions. I have taken all the experience from my 7 years as CEO of the leading European data and information provider within the construction industry and tweaked the business concept to fit into the tech- and investment industry instead,” says Daniel Antonsson. 

“I know we are facing great competition from companies such as Pitchbook and Crunchbase but we’re offering a totally different kind of data that not only consists of financials and funding data but also market analysis, market trends, growth plans, competitor analysis, hiring plans, customer analysis, pricing and business models and much more that makes the investment decision a whole lot easier for investors.”

Tech startups can also use the platform’s easy-to-use Pitch Deck Creator to develop insightful and properly structured presentations by simply following the step by step fill-in-the-blanks framework.

Focused on the US for now, Pitchagon has also revealed that it will expand into Europe next year to allow more tech startups connect with the right investors and raise what they need to grow and develop their companies.

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