FamilyTime Centers, a Neurofeedback Los Angeles mental health organization, adds ten new therapists to the team

October 05 18:02 2021
Familytime Centers invests in its therapists to help improve mental health in Los Angeles

Familytime Centers has added new therapists to its team to help provide mental health services to children and families.

Familytime offers Neurofeedback Los Angeles, a non-invasive treatment where small sensors are placed on the client’s head and connected to a computer that monitors and records brain activity, enabling it to detect problems and trigger neuroplastic changes in order to help clients achieve their goals.

“FamilyTime Centers is a leader in providing exceptional quality mental health care for residents in the region,” said Michael Kaufman, Executive Director at Family Time Centers. “While we already have a team of talented and experienced therapists, we are always looking for new ways to reach more people in need. Our expansion allows us to serve our community better and reach out to those who need help,” says Michael.

FamilyTime Centers is among the few mental health organizations that specialize in Neurofeedback Los Angeles. Through years of research, it has been shown that neurofeedback can benefit those struggling with ADHD, autism, sleep problems, and traumatic brain injuries.

Familytime Centers is now offering Neurofeedback Los Angeles as a treatment option for those looking to improve concentration levels and ability to focus and pay attention. Parents of children with ADHD often consider medication as an initial course of action; however, sometimes, these drugs can have adverse side effects on a developing brain. FamilyTime Centers Neurofeedback Los Angeles offers the parents of children with ADHD an alternative treatment option that they and their child’s physician can feel good about.

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About Neurofeedback Los Angeles

Neurofeedback has been used for years to help those with ADHD, autism, sleep problems, traumatic brain injuries, and other mental health-related issues. At FamilyTime Centers, neurofeedback is also being offered as a treatment option for those looking to improve concentration levels and their ability to focus and pay attention.

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About FamilyTime Centers

Family Time Centers is a Los Angeles mental health organization specializing in Neurofeedback Los Angeles with over 30 years of experience providing quality behavioral and cognitive health services to children and adults living in the greater Los Angeles area. Family Time Centers has earned a reputation for excellence by offering one-on-one therapy sessions in a relaxed, home-like environment, as well as through telehealth. No matter what challenges you or your loved ones are dealing with, our therapists will develop an individualized treatment plan that is right for everyone in your family.

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