Renovated Shan Hai Jing Cosmetics Combine Chinese Tradition Along With Contemporary Arts

October 05 18:09 2021

At the end of this September, Shanhaijing cosmetics launched a new product – “Sense Fusang”, the small panel test of this product has been held in a traditional Chinese garden with Hanfu lovers and Beauty Bloggers. Shanhaijing cosmetics adhere to creating high-quality innovative makeup as the concept, and display the mythical image in Shanhaijing in front of modern people through its own makeup products.

The Shanhaijing * Sense Fusang product small panel test aimed to constantly improve the product quality and ensure the excellence of the product. The product evaluation meeting invited beauty bloggers and Hanfu players with different skin types at the age from 20 to 35 to experience the products while experiencing Chinese culture, and collected the participators valuable improving suggestions for the product.

During the panel testing, the host firstly explained the story and culture of Shanhaijing and Fusang to the participants, then invited participants to select different shade of Fusang foundation according to their own skin tone to experience the makeup effect. In the between, participants also experienced fan-painting of Fusang, Chinese calligraphy and Chinese zither playing. All the participants were actively involved in events. The excellent makeup effect of Fusang foundation was approved and loved by the whole panel. Shanhaijing product panel testing is not only a meeting to experience the product but also the event to promote Chinese traditional culture that is really a spotlight among the younger generation in China.

In the panel testing, shanhaijing cosmetics also showed some of key elements of the Fusang foundation, which are the extracts of Chinese herbs, such as Dendrobium nobile, Ningxia wolfberry fruit, Sophora flavescens, tocopherol (vitamin E) and Echinacea purpurea. The overall formulation of Fusang lasting milky foundation is based on plant extracts with multiple antioxidants. The whole concept of the product is not only to create perfect makeup also minimize the burden of the skin and improve the skin texture. 

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