Team Enhancement Through Staff Augmentation with ParallelStaff

October 06 02:41 2021
ParallelStaff is an American outsourcing agency that specializes in nearshoring solutions.

The global digital transformation has forever changed the landscape of how companies and firms conduct business. As opposed to the traditional ‘inward’ perception of hiring local talents, more and more CEOs are looking inside out, setting their sights on neighboring countries for fresh, affordable, and sustainable prospects.

ParallelStaff is an American outsourcing agency that offers over 50,000 English-fluent IT talents scattered across Latin America.

Among the most prominent benefits of nearshore outsourcing is the ability to bridge the gap of cultural differences:

“One of the biggest nearshoring benefits–at least if you’re partnering with a Mexico-based team–is the cultural closeness. The US and Mexico share many cultural similarities–from TV and movies to social norms and even work culture–making it easy to work together by enabling teams to bond and build trust.”

Cultural closeness allows for smooth nearshore integration, as US employees are fairly well-versed in the Latin American culture, and vice versa.

Angel Almada, director of Solutions Engineering has stated that “Cultural parity is key in getting your internal and external teams to collaborate as a single unit. It’s very important for the customer to acknowledge and position outsourced developers as an extension of the in-house team.”

ParallelStaff offers an eclectic roster of Latin American IT professionals, all of which are exemplary talents in their fields and fluent in the American English language.

As the brand states, some of the most important benefits of nearshore outsourcing are similar time zones, language similarities, vetted candidates, hand-picked and agile-ready talents, as well as cost-effectiveness. On the other side of the spectrum are the typical pitfalls of classic offshore outsourcing, such as the lack of understanding of US-centric SDLCs, time zone frictions, and high wages.

Nearshore staff augmentation has become the most cost-effective way of filling blank slots in employee teams, as it offers all the benefits of local employment modes without the need to pay such high wages.

ParallelStaff’s team, led by Richard Wallace, Chief Marketing Officer, has already outsourced over 200 software engineer professionals to dozens of satisfied clients. The team boasts an impeccable record of over 20 successful projects.

Hundreds of satisfied customers have shared their experiences with ParallelStaff on the brand’s website. Stephanie Grant, Chief Information Officer, has stated:

“ParallelStaff is in the same timezone, it has greatly aided our productivity, especially in an agile organization. They have high-quality engineers who are prepared to go above and beyond to add value to development.”

Andrea Walsh, Senior Product Manager and verified ParallelStaff customer, has stated:

“It has been the smoothest hiring process we’ve gone through to date. Every candidate sent was beyond expectations and put us in a position where we needed to extend an offer.”

More information about ParallelStaff can be found on the brand’s official website.

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