Ceretone launches with a mission to make hearing aids more accessible and affordable

October 07 22:23 2021
Consumers don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for the latest in hearing aid technology any longer.

Disabling hearing loss affects 25% of people over the age of 65 while that number rises to 50% for those over the age of 75. However, the number of actual hearing aid users falls significantly short of either percentage.

The traditional method of acquiring hearing aids has been steeped in a half-century old business model geared toward overdependence on licensed dispensers selling devices that have been marked up by thousands of dollars. Thanks to the passing of the FDA Reauthorization Act (FDARA) of 2017, people are now free to purchase hearing aids without a prescription. Coupled with an average cost of $5,000 per pair and no Medicare coverage, it’s no wonder that the usage rate of hearing aids for the 48 million Americans with hearing loss is only 14%. [White House Executive Order Fact Sheet, July 9, 2021]

Ceretone is a hearing aid manufacturer that believes that having 86% of this population unable or unwilling to get hearing aids is an unacceptable statistic for a country as advanced as the US. The number one reason given for this high percentage is due to the costs associated. A close second reason is because of the complexity of testing, fitting, and follow-up visits required. And a distant third reason is the stigma associated with hearing loss itself. Ceretone offers solutions that meet these challenges today, with a variety of products that include modern styles that don’t look like traditional devices as well as those with Bluetooth technology for connecting to phones and TVs.

Founded in 2020, Ceretone’s mission is to make premium hearing devices available directly to consumers at the most affordable cost. Ceretone makes its FDA-registered products available directly from their website as a direct-to-consumer provider for the vast majority of the adult community who suffer from Mild-to-Moderate hearing loss. Ceretone tackles the main issues of price and accessibility head-on by making the latest in hearing technology available without the markup of middlemen, distributors, or retail storefronts. And for the many folks who are not within a comfortable driving distance to a retail location or just prefer to research and shop online, Ceretone’s online sales model provides the flexibility and access that they desire.

Users can shop from home at their own pace, yet ask as many questions as they need from an online agent, and take their time in making a purchase decision. All of Ceretone’s products are backed by a full 60-day Risk-Free trial period and a generous 2-year warranty, double that of most manufacturers. With studies linking hearing loss to other age-related illnesses such as depression, isolation, and even dementia, companies like Ceretone are a welcome option in getting more of the community access to devices that fit their needs regardless of lifestyle, location, or budget.

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