Design Bloc to revamp historical legacy for historic Hunter Hills neighborhood

October 07 23:45 2021
Design Bloc is helping the historic Hunter Hills neighborhood to revive its historic legacy through a comprehensive branding project.

Atlanta, GA – October 07, 2021 – Atlanta-based innovative design thinking center, Design Bloc, has taken up the baton to revamp the historically Black Hunter Hills neighborhood through a branding project over the 2021-2022 academic calendar. The company launched the branding project in April 2021 with the goal to create new branding guidelines that would uphold the heritage of the neighborhood and can be utilized for new signage projects for the community. 

Located next to the esteemed AUC Consortium, Hunter Hills is a bustling community of 30,000 residents who live by the motto of “One Community, One Family”. However, over the course of time, the historical artifacts, that were once the proud mementos of the historical community, have started to wear off.  As a result, the Hunter Hills community is looking forward to replacing the signage in and around the perimeter of their neighborhood as well as activate notable areas with additional branded assets to further amplify the rich historical legacy and voice of the neighborhood. And the community has chosen Design Bloc as its branding partner this time. 

In response, Design Bloc has committed to provide comprehensive branding support to the Hunter Hills neighborhood over the 2021-2022 academic calendar. 

In an exclusive interview, the leading spokesperson from Design Bloc shared that they have currently completed the initial research phase that lasted from April-June 2021. During the research phase, the company team interviewed 23 residents, of which 10 were legacy residents.  

“It was a very insightful and amazing learning experience for us”, stated the spokesperson while discussing the initial research phase.  

“We interviewed a lot of residents, including the legacy residents who enriched us with pearls of wisdom and great historical facts. We discovered that the community desires to revive the sense of connectedness across the neighborhood by strengthening relationships with their neighbors. Our goal is to create a branding campaign that would help to revive the historical legacy of the neighborhood and also enable the community to fulfill their ethos of connectedness.” 

As of now, Design Bloc is in the branding phase of the Hunter Hills that will run through December 2021. Based on the research findings, the Design Bloc team has developed a brand language with brand imperative statements, development of core values as well as value proposition behind the brand. The process was further followed by creation of mood boards for the project. 

“We have hosted two workshops with the Hunter Hills residents lately where we requested the community to zero on the imperative statements that would guide our branding project.”  

The process was further followed by a card sorting technique with 15 different traits where the Hunter Hills residents were asked to provide 3 individual preferences that should be highlighted in the branding project.  

“The response was amazing and we had a thorough discussion with the community. Now, we have a more clarified idea about the traits and values that define the pride and rich legacy of the Hunter Hills neighborhood. We are looking forward to proceeding with the next phase of the campaign in the coming year.” 

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