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October 08 06:26 2021
The top solution provider for online marketplaces.

In recent years, technology has been changing the way people live by providing ease in information access, better communication means, and innovative solutions. Now more than ever, people have been experiencing firsthand the convenience that online shopping provides, allowing them to purchase whatever they need in the comfort of their own homes. This has ultimately led to the rise of eCommerce platforms and the countless opportunities it can offer to both business owners and consumers. And with the help of ClikPak, the world of e-Commerce has become accessible in just one click.

For those who want to provide a more convenient online shopping experience for their customers, ClikPak is the perfect eCommerce solution. Not only do they cover the entirety of Business to Business (B2B) transactions online, but they also handle everything from order placement to logistics and delivery of selected online marketplaces and stores in the U.S. Basically, through the platform that ClikPak has developed and tailored to their country and brand, their partner’s customers can directly browse the websites of U.S. stores, easily purchase products of their liking, and have their packages delivered straight to their doors.

ClikPak is committed to their vision of becoming a trusted eCommerce platform provider. According to their team, “ClikPak offers a unique business model, giving partner organizations an own brand world-class eCommerce solution in just weeks. Partners entering eCommerce are faced with multiple difficult choices – speed to market versus solution capability, investment in capabilities versus profitability, etc. This latter challenge is amplified in smaller markets and in the period following launch. With ClikPak’s eCommerce solution, partners can have it all.”

ClikPak offers a variety of services for their customers and loyal shoppers. As a brand that is focused on eCommerce solutions, they offer the following services: One Cart, end to end platform automation, customizations, integration, world-class technology, best-in-class platform performance, logistics, support to country owners, and many more. To illustrate a few of these services, One Cart is the most simple and commonly used feature of their platform. Through the use of One Cart, buyers can search and add to cart simultaneously products from different stores. It is also through their Integration solutions that local dealers are able to avail cash top ups and secure online payments.

As the ultimate eCommerce service provider, ClikPak has earned the trust of many eCommerce businesses around the world, with live country partners in Guatemala, Iraq, Lebanon, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobbago, and Barbados.

Online shopping has never been easier, thanks to ClikPak. Know more about their solutions and experience the advantages they bring in just one click by visiting the ClikPak website at

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ClikPak Inc. is a Florida-based eCommerce solution provider founded in 2013 that specializes in delivering whole B2B solutions.

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