Author James B. Anstead on BookTalks: The Podcast

October 08 04:02 2021
Author James B. Anstead on BookTalks: The Podcast

What better way to get people hooked on poetry than to introduce them to the world of limericks! In his podcast appearance, listeners learn what a limerick is, how a limerick is composed, and create one of their own. He walks the listeners through his creative process of creating silly, nonsensical, and funny lines.

A celebrated writer of Around the World in Five Lines, Mr. James B. Anstead graced the podcast episode: Book Talks: The Podcast, it showcases traditional self-published authors who want to expand their viewer base and get globally recognized.

Anstead graciously answered every question with ease while recollecting his memories of how his love for limericks takes place. He also shared how his Mother’s love for poetry exalted his love for limericks and how it helped him expand his vocabulary.

Anstead talked about his creative process and how his trips helped in conceptualizing each line of his book. He said, “This can bring you around the world, let you experience a trip through someone else’s eyes, and makes you laugh. I have traversed the world extensively during my time on the road, collected hundreds of travel stories that deserve to be told.”

The far-reaching effects of the pandemic took a toll on travel. The number of people traveling by air dropped sharply, Anstead agrees that his book will feed anyone’s wanderlust and has readers longing for more destinations to visit, cultures to experience, food to eat, and people to meet. His limericks featured charming towns and cities you haven’t heard of.

When the interview took a detour to basketball, Anstead joyfully jumped into the conversation. Both found out they have the same fascination for the game and although it started to become a sports commentary in the next few minutes, he had so much fun mentioning his favorite players from the 80’s college basketball particularly Mark Plansky, whom he had the privilege to coach in Massachusetts.

Anstead has a surprising note to aspiring authors, “How life is going to pull on you all kinds of ways, but the most important truth is this: You wrote a book. And one should not give up, because everything worth accomplishing takes a lot of labor.” He added: “Be patient and don’t force yourself to think of writing limericks every day.”

Limericks provide plenty of latitude for creative poetry, the kind that is not serious poetry, but are meant to be fun and funny. Anstead then read some unpublished lines from the book that will tickle your fancy. Here it goes he said:

“A very dependable employee from Santa Cruz
Was asked to test some super strength glues
Oh! He was ready willing and able
Until he became attached to a kitchen table
And was featured in the Six-o-Clock News”

The book is an account of Anstead’s walking tour, mental journey, and travel stories he collected over the years.  It blends beguiling descriptions of the places and people he encounters with themes and topics that range from the old codgers to sports stars, criminals to Yoga students, and young ladies to thespians. The locations can range from Utah to Hongkong to Tel Aviv or anywhere in between. Though you may not have actually visited these places, the author piques your curiosity, and entices you to view them through the boundless realm of your imagination.

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About the Author


James B. Anstead’s mother fostered a love of literature and appreciation of poetry in him. He began his teaching career in 1977. Away from the classroom, he devotes much of his time to basketball. James holds two degrees from Northern Kentucky University: a BA in history and an MA in education. He is currently employed by the Covington Public Schools in Kentucky. His hobbies include reading, listening to music, and occasionally singing at a local pub, cooking, and hiking.

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