Vinyl Plank Glue Down Instructions Part 1

October 08 17:30 2021

Suitable Surfaces

Smooth, well-bonded solid floors; dry, clean well cured concrete; wood floors with plywood. All surface must be dust free.

Unsuitable Surfaces

Particleboard or chipboard; concrete surfaces with are which are below grade and where moisture may be a problem and any form embossed floors. Not recommended for laying over floor with under floor heating.


Vinyl plank should be allowed to acclimatize at room temperature for 48 hours prior to installation. Carefully check planks for any defects before installation. Check that all are the same and also that you have purchased sufficient material to complete the job.If you intend to lay planks over existing tiles, ensure that tiles are firmly stuck down-if in doubt remove them.Remove any traces of glue or residue from the previous flooring. Remove any traces of wax or other coating from well-bonded,smooth surfaces floors.

All porous surface such as cement and plywood should be sealed with a suitable primer. New concrete floors need to dry out for at least 60 days prior to installation. Wood plank floors require a plywood subfloor. All nail heads must be driven down below the surface. Securely nail all loose boards. Scrape, plane or fill uneven boards, holes or cracks using floor-leveling compound.Make sure the floor is smooth, clean, free of wax, grease, oil or dust and sealed as necessary before laying planks.

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