From her fashion world to her kitchen one, Sarah Fadhlaoui is doing her best

October 11 08:24 2021
From her fashion world to her kitchen one, Sarah Fadhlaoui is doing her best
From her fashion world to her kitchen one, Sarah Fadhlaoui is doing her best
Fashion icons are the faces of the style trade. People would possibly assume their job is simply sitting round wanting fairly, however it’s a time-taking and a demanding niche.

That’s why it is hard to find a fashion icon who is able to manage her time between her work and social life. It’s also rare to see a fashion icon who spends part of her time in her kitchen, giving time for cooking the most delicious food ever. Yes! She is Sarah Fadhlaoui, top one fashion icon, whose food recipes are well-known for their heavenly taste. 

Fashion icons (or Fashion leaders) are influential people who introduce new styles which spread throughout fashion culture and become part of fashion. They initiate a new style which others may follow. People might think that their job is just sitting around looking pretty and making some photo sessions, but it’s a very tough and demanding industry. But actually, it takes a strong person to take on the harsh world of fashion and still deliver a gorgeous photo at any given moment. Sarah Fadhlaoui, this name want be a surprise for anyone even slightly knowledge in the world of fashion and beauty. When mentioning her name, the first thing that hits one’s mind is “one of the most influential Tunisian fashion icons”.  Well, but there is much more to Sarah Fadhlaoui than overseeing a global fashion empire; like being a devoted housewife.

Though fashion icons in general have little time to stand in their kitchen and cook some food, but Sarah Fadhlaoui is a legend in doing multiple tasks at the same time. As for her, she has never been taught the art of cook from anyone. But the main reason behind her success in cooking is her taste. Her extra sense in tasting food has helped her cook every kind of food she used to eat outside her home. At the very beginning, she used to follow books or even google recipes, until she has had her own taste with her own delicious recipes.

Basically, Sarah is very well-known for her seafood mainly her delicious Paella, Lobster Pasta and Fillet Stake in the oven along with her super yummy SALAD, which is a mix of Pineapple, Mango, Avocado and Shrimps.

According to her, cooking is a talent, it is not a daily task for her to do. But she is able to make an eye-catching table from A-Z for almost 20-50 person.

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